10 Cheap, Safe & Romantic Destinations for Couples to Visit in Summer Holidays 2017

Summer holidays are waiting just around the corner. Your friends have probably figured what they will do in this vacation. What about you? Wouldn’t it be nice if you can travel and turn these boring holidays into an epic adventure? Here are 10 cheap & safe destinations you should visit in your summer holidays2017. Scroll down to find out:

Table of contents:

  1. Mazatlán, Mexico:
  2. Morocco
  3. Belize:
  4. Vietnam
  5. Portugal
  6. Costa Rica
  7. Barcelona
  8. Guatemala
  9. Las Vegas
  10. Cambodia
  11. Conclusion


#1 Mazatlán, Mexico:






It is considered as one of the cheapest places to travel in the world. This place represent the Mexican culture and mostly attracts the visitors who love the culture and heritage of Mexico. There is a wide range of variety in foods. Hotels are really inexpensive even the ones which are rated 5 starred like El Cid Marina. There is a great restaurant known as Casa 46 in which you can eat delicious foods by paying half of what you pay in USA.

#2 Morocco


source: raynatours.com

For many of you out there Morocco is an ultimate dream trip. If you are looking for safe holiday destinations for family, look no further. Not just safe Morocco is very inexpensive too. It is one of the most affordable African country. The hotel price range is very low as compare to any other holiday location. Even the 5 starred Hotels and resorts only cost around 160$. The meals are comparatively very cheap.

#3 Belize:



If you are planning a honeymoon or a couple’s romantic trip this is place is considered as one of the cheapest places to travel all inclusive. The accommodation in Belize(above img src:travelchannel.com) is very cheap.

The hotels also provide some good extra services on lowest rates. Some hotel (the good ones) only charge a 100$ per night.

Along with inexpensive resort Belize is also known as one of the safest holiday destinations in the world.


#4 Vietnam


Vietnam is famous because of its good quality food and scenic beauty. Along with that trip to Vietnam is comparatively cheaper.

The accommodation is clean and safe for a con men’s wallet. There are so many historic places to visit in Vietnam. The food from Hanoi Food Street is extremely delicious.

#5 Portugal

In all Western Europe, Portugal trip is so far the cheapest. The food is super cheap even at 5 star restaurants.

This place is loaded with landscape and other beautiful places that can be enjoyed in such less money.


This place is best who want to enjoy summer holidays trip on budget.


#6 Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is known to have the most Biodiversity in this whole planet.

This place is loaded with many National Parks.

source: adventuresunlimited.net

The ticket cost very little money for entering, the rest of the trip is self-guided. The transportation is pretty cheap along with accommodation.

The exotic locations are also providing luxury accommodation in very less money.

#7 Barcelona

Barcelona like Paris and London is highly ranked cities. By far, it is the most affordable among all other European cities.


source: wearetravelgirls.com

The restaurants are very low price, This city is also a paradise for shopaholics.

Accommodation is easily afforded by the tourists.

#8 Guatemala


This place(img src : travelguia.net) is often by passed because it is next to Costa Rica. Everything is unique about Guatemala. The architecture of this place is marvelous.

This place is pretty inexpensive with such scenic beauty. There is a beautiful lake known as Lake Atitlan which is one of the tourist’s attractions in this place.

  1. Las Vegas
las vegas tour
source: luckylittlechapel.com

If you are not into gambling addiction, this place is all you need to visit. There are so many places which attracts tourist from all over the world like flamingo’s habitat and outdoor movie at Container Park.

There are several places that offer cheap yet healthy food. It is known as one of the cheap places to travel in the US.

  1. Cambodia

One only bad thing about travelling to Cambodia is the air fare cost.

Once you are in Cambodia, you will find everything including food and resorts too cheap. In fact the food cost in Pennies. The international chains of hotel and luxury boats cost lesser than any other Asian country.

The place gives tranquility to the visitors and is known as safe holiday destinations 2017.


Travelling is one of the most mind relaxing thing one can do. But the only thing bad about it is how extremely expensive traveling gets?

Anyhow as the summer is around the corner, instead of wasting time at home you can travel any place and the good thing is with lesser money spent.

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