10 Natural Foods that helps you to look ten years younger

Whether we like it or not but aging is a fact. However, it does not expect that we cannot age gracefully. However`, with proper diet and some extra measures, we can keep our skin healthy and glow to look ten years younger at least.

A complex three layered formation, our skin act as an active organ, just like other parts of our body.

Various internal as well as external factors do affect our skin and make it wrinkled, dull and most awfully aged.

Thankfully, nature has provided us with such ingredient which combats against these harmful factors and protects our skin.


1. Avocado:


Health benefit: Also regarded as the superfood, avocado is an ideal food for glowing skin.


Chemical nature: It delivers potassium, antioxidants and vitamin C thus urge the process of skin regeneration and rehabilitate your skin healthily and juvenile.



2. Citrus Fruits:


 Health benefit: For the medical care of your body, all you need to do is to drink lemon juice in the morning.


Chemical nature: Contain folic acid, thus are supportive in regulating cholesterol and uric acid level in the body. Regular consumption of these fruits may encourage you to avoid heart issues and circulatory problems.





Health benefit: Most significantly, the berries are the great source of antioxidants, useful in delay and prevention of cell damage. Moreover, thus improve your skin and make it beautiful.


Chemical nature: Whether you prefer blueberries, blackberries, strawberries or a handful of three of them, having them as a snack is great for your skin.



4. Tomatoes:


Health benefit: it protects against UV radiation, infectious diseases.


Chemical nature: Packed with nutrients, here comes the tomatoes. It contains Plutocrats in vitamin A, C, folic acid and an antioxidant lycopene.




5. Turmeric:


Health benefit: Turmeric is deemed beneficial for slowing down the process of aging, it boost up your mood during stressful situations and replenishes the energy to the body.


 Chemical nature:  Turmeric with its amazing health benefits, turmeric is increasing rank among the nutrition community. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties make it a perfect seasoning for your dishes.


6. Garlic:


Health benefit: This anti-ageing natural super-food helps in lowering cholesterol and improving the blood circulation.


Chemical nature: It is filled with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, a clove of garlic can spice up your meal with health benefits.



7. Dark Chocolate:


Health benefit:  Finally, approaches the good reason to cater to the sweet tooth. To rescue your skin from radical and UV damage and to hydrate the skin, dark chocolate is an excellent choice. Oh, word of advice, just make certain that you are picking wholesome stuff.



8. Carrots:


Health benefit: Remember your granny saying, the carrot is beneficial for eyes?

It’s damn true,

It also defends the skin against premature wrinkling, due to UV exposure.


Chemical nature: Not only for the eyes but the beta-carotene present in carrots, transforms into Vitamin A when entering the body, a beneficial vitamin for skin.




9. Whole Eggs:

 Health benefit: Egg intakes is a source of skin-friendly vitamin-D , Eggs contain selenium which activates enzymes in your skin, which prevent cell damage.

Chemical nature: For the formulation of collagen, the quintessential amino acids are present in the egg whites.

Moreover, for the subsistence of cells and tissues in the body egg yolks contribute the requisite carotenoids retinol.




10. Salmon:


Health benefit: Another outstanding source of carotenoids is salmon and comparable fatty fish including tuna, trout, and shrimp.

All these constituents help in the rehabilitation of the skin and also complete the hydration level.


Chemical Nature: Salmons also carry a substantial level of Vitamin D, omega-3 and coenzyme 10.


Just be confident that you choose wild caught, organic salmon.


All these natural foods, not only presents your taste buds with loads of taste but also provide you skin protection against the external and internal hazards.

Not only the protection, but the process of regeneration and healing can also be made faster by using these healthy ingredients.

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