10 Best Quotes to Stop Loving Someone Who doesn’t Love You Back.

I know how heart wrenching it is, when you have fallen in love with someone and they do not feel or realize your love. For a brief moment of time you feel as if it is the end of your world. Research has even prove that rejection from a loved one triggers the pain-stimulating neurons in brain which is only activated due to physical pain. Even though you cannot clearly control what you feel, youcan always learn from your mistakes. These 10 quotes will make you stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back.

Table of contents:

  1. Signs he doesn’t love you:
  2. Letting go.
  3. How to stop loving the person who doesn’t love you anymore?
  4. How to stop yourself loving someone you can’t have?
  5. How to stop loving someone who hurt you?
  6. How to prevent yourself loving someone who doesn’t love you back?
  7. Conclusion:



#1 Signs he doesn’t love you:


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What are the signs he doesn’t love me anymore? This is the heartbreaking question girls scroll while living with a lifeless relation. No matter how hurtful it is, you have to take a step at some point. Here are some vivid signs that his feeling had faded away:

  • Your love life is losing its spark
  • He do not keep in touch with you
  • You do not know what is going on is life these days
  • He is controlling you or ruling you over.
  • No matter what you do, your efforts are never good enough for him
  • He is happy being with everyone else but you
  • You are the one who apologizes
  • He insult you whenever he wants to, even at public places
  • They desperately want to change your physical appearance
  • They always blame you

#2 Letting go:


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Letting go of someone who doesn’t love you back is a sign from nature that makes you realize about our strength. Being in a wrong relationship is only going to hurt for as long as you will keep it. We sometimes hold on so tightly to others, that when it is time to let go comes we tear our self emotionally.



All of us need peace in our life, if we do not let go of the toxic relationship we can never appreciate our self. Do not be scared to feel pain, believe me it will not be as painful as it is to love someone who doesn’t love you.

# 3 How to prevent yourself loving the person who doesn’t love you anymore?


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One of the most painful life experience is to love someone deeply and then realizing that they do not love you anymore. Love is selfless and because of that loving someone who do not love you back can make you hate yourself. The fire has burned and whatever happened it’s a thing of the past. Here is something you can do to cope up with this heartbreaking news:

  • Give time sometime!

Absorbing this brutal news takes time. As you are still in love, your mind will replay all the good memories you people shared. What has been done is done! Detach yourself from them and heal your emotional wounds.


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  • Forbid him:

Try not to contact him in anyway. Do not see him or talk to him and block him on social media this will help you further in healing process.

  • Set goals:

Distract yourself by setting goals. Learn a new language, meet new people or learn a new skill. Try indulging yourself in something that your previous relationship was not allowing you to do.

  • Face the world:

Try socializing with the outside world. Do not force yourself to stay at home as you will only go into deep depression. Meet new people and visit friends.




#4 How to stop loving someone you can’t have?


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Love varies in intensity. Sometimes it becomes blessing and sometimes it becomes night mare. One bitter reality is at times loving someone is not enough to keep them in your life. Even if two people love each other head over heels, they might have to go separate ways because reality is much darker than fairytales. If you love someone secretly and you know that you can’t have them will make you and them on different pages of life. Here are some things you can do to stop this irrational need to have forbidden people in your life:

  • Do not over expect:

Over expecting will only cut you deep. Spend the time you get with them without expecting any returns.


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  • Divert attention:

Try to divert your attention into more positive aspects. If you cannot have someone you love, you will only think about them in your free time. Opt for new hobbies so that lesser negative thoughts dwell in your mind.

  • Don’t ask hurtful question:



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Sometimes Answers are too complicated than questions. Asking questions from someone you deeply love but cannot have will hurt you so bad. The only thing you look forward is to avoid pain in one sided love. Try being optimistic and not ask what you will regret later.


#5 How to stop loving someone who hurt you?


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Love at times becomes our addiction. We get so desperate in keeping other person in our life that we neglect the fact that they hurt us over and over again. Instead of wounding yourself deeply, try eliminating the one who are causing agony and hurt in your life. Being in toxic relation will make you bitter with time. Love do not mean you are a doormat. Try to move on and most of all try forgiving yourself.  It is ok to say enough! And pull away all the strings from the ones who hurt you. Being in a relationship with those who hurt you will only reduce your compassion toward yourself. If somebody is hurting you it means they are hurting themselves too, try resolving the issue and break the relationship up before it starts suffocating you as well as them.

#6 How to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back?


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There is no specific level to which you should love the other person as love has no boundaries. But, love surely has a specific limit after which you should show the green signal. For someone who doesn’t want to love you back, you are never good enough. No matter how much effort you put, you always lack. It also happen sometime that you and your partner are not loving each other with the same intensity. Here is what you can do:

  • Take out the myth from your mind that he is the “one” for you.
  • We do not like changes, so we start repeating the relationship pitying. The truth is we can live without the ones we love and that your life after this toxic relationship will only get better
  • Get rid of stuff that remind you of them
  • Avoid being in touch with your ex. Let things remain in Past and try not to bring out their subject when meeting with friends.


Loving someone is the most beautiful feeling in this world. But there comes a time when this loves suck out all your energy. Learn to walk away from toxic relationship. These 10 quotes will make you stop loving someone who doesn’t love you. In this article I have mentioned ways of stopping loving someone who are not right for you along with some signs he is not in love with you.


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