10 Reasons Why a Person Cheat in Relationship

Cheating on someone you love can be really spiteful and insensitive.

People cheat because of many reasons, don’t judge cheaters without looking at the possible causes,We cannot deny the fact that cheaters hurt many of us, and it is not something new.


According to the research, at least 25% men and 20% women cheat. The forms of cheating do vary, and it is not always about revenge. So understand the common reasons why a person cheats in their relationship.


Top Reasons why a person cheat:

Relations do seem like rainbows and unicorns to the couple in the start, But with time it does give birth to the real issues.

You have to face the challenges in the relationships and recognise the warning signs.

Following are the common 10 reasons why a person cheat:

1.     I am not ready

Most of the people want to settle down, but they find the one too soon. Such people end up getting in a serious relationship and realise that it is actually not, what they dreamed of.

So , they start looking at somewhere else which leads to affair

2.     Immaturity

Boys and girls are often betrayed in teens by their partner due to immature behaviour.

  • Few of them are unable to recognise the difference between ‘likeness’ & ‘love’ and they end up choosing a wrong partner, which leads to break-up later on
  • For Some of them , it’s all about ‘Lust’ but not ‘Love’
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3.     Something is still missing

Every true & healthy relationship has two things in common:

  • A source of comfort
  • And happiness

If your relationship lacks any of the above quality , it means something is wrong & relationship is breaking apart

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Everyone has particular priority and wants to acquire the real meaning from a relationship. If it was just something in the relation which was not fulfilling the needs, then the missing element could be chemistry, lust, love, excitement or anything.

4.     Unsatisfied Needs

Most of the time,unsatisfied sexual ,emotional needs could be a reason your partner is looking outside to make him feel good & satisfied.

You should look into your flaws honestly and start thinking about it


 5.     Time

Giving each other enough time is a sign of a healthy relationship,You need to set aside your work & make your relationships as priority.

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If you are unable to find time for your partner, then it is tough to maintain a healthy relation. Lack of time will surely let you two apart.

6.     Not Giving Space

Don’t always act like a suspicious detective , that’s stupid, irritating & annoying for anyone .It is best to give each other enough personal time and space.

7. I wasn’t serious

It might be possible that the relationship from one partner won’t be as serious on their end.

8. Thrilling factor

Boys mostly seek the thrill of love, and when it lacks, they prefer to look for a better or other option.

9. Being trapped

It is best to allow your partner with the personal space and time in the relationship. It might be possible that he/she may feel trapped because of financial dependency or if a child is involved.

10.Serious incident

It is very rare but depends on the situation, when the incident happens which is often forgivable. Incident may vary from irregular drinking habits, getting addict to drugs or else.

Exclusive relationships are not for all,

If you have made promises, then it is best to stick to them. This is the best way to keep integrity and honour in relation.


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