10 romantic ideas to surprise your partner for long distance relationships

Everyone knows the long distance relationship is cruel.There are sometimes situation where you & your partner are losing interest in relation

As, there is no Fun & Happiness in staying oceans away

However, certain ideas can work for your relationships and make both of you happier than ever before

In this article, I will explain for you some romantic ideas that will not only surprise your partner but also strengthen the love bond between the two of you.


#1 NoteCube:

Send to the love of your life, a box filled with notes.  Fills the notes with your feelings, memories that you live together or anything you aspire.

Image source: http://www.upcycled-wonders.com



You can online order the NoteCube by submitting your desire writings. There are many online services available for that.


#2 Engraved plant:


What could be a better way to tell someone that you love them the most, with a growing plant.

Excited to hear?

Image source: http://www.thegreenhead.com




Then the engraved plant is just a perfect choice for you. And the sprouts of the plant will showcase “I love you.”  Although it sounds a little corny but it will surely give your partner surprises to remember for years to come.


#3 Pillows for loved ones:


If your loved one is far-off from you or if he or she is missing your cuddle, then the best surprise would be to send them a boyfriend or girlfriend pillow.


Image source: https://img.buzzfeed.com

This pillow will remind them of you during sleeping at night.


#4 Chocolate photo:

Chocolate is an alternative of love feeling, so why not send your GF in her special days chocolate with pictures of you/messages or jokes inside.

Image source: http://img.21food.com



And you won’t believe how much she is going to admire your effort.


#5 Open when letters:

“Open When Letters” is a perfect way to encourage your partners when they need it. It not only boosts their energy but also make them feel that you are around them.


Image source: http://styletic.com



#6 Reasons Why book:

Why you love your Partner?

Is it because they are so charming that you can barely stand?

Then why not , create a notebook that will tell you are significant other that how special they are.


Image source: http://4.bp.blogspot.com



#7 Photo pillow:

What could be the cutest way to show your affection towards your loved ones? It could be to give them something visual so that they can take inspirations from you when you are not around.


Design a pillow with all the photos that you both admire and send it to your partner. I assure you he will think about you before and after bedtime.


#8  Couple T-Shirt:

Wear a T-Shirt, with a photo of both of you, printed on it and feel them closer to you.

#9 Long distance necklaces:

I know, I know it sounds little corny, but when you are in a long distance relation you have to show another person that how much they are important to you?

Give them a personalised necklace with hearts that are placed exactly on locations you both are.


Who does not like surprises? And when a surprise is a person you love the most then the surprise become a sign to show how much you are important to them.

So take my advice and act upon these romantic ideas. I assure you these ideas work as they did in my case and kindle the love spark between the two of you.

#10 Send them your heart:

Sounds weird? well, it is totally not.

when in love you give your heart to significant other. So, surprise your loved one by sending them a huge gummy heart while they are far from you and you know what they can eat it as well.

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