8 Romantic & Scenic Drives In Britain You should take on a Sunny Day

 Sunny weather is considered a blessing in United Kingdom , as most of the times weather remains cloudy,wet & snowy here

On a bright sunny day, you should explore beautiful scenery that will give you peace and happiness.

Make a plan with your partner or family. There are some beautiful and mesmerising places in Britain you should visit

A scenic drive is always joyous,romantic & refreshing in a convertible car with a perfect companion 

United Kingdom is beautiful and has many places that tourist can visit.

Following are 10 scenic drives that you should take on a sunny day:



It takes 2 hours and 50 minutes to reach Inverness by car. This city is located in central Scotland.

It also has beautiful places like Stirling castle and Allan Park.

On the way to Inverness you will see lush-green sceneries , hills & rugged landscapes. Inverness is capital of highlands. It is the most northerly city of Scotland.

You can visit black Isle , loch Ness , museum and the famous botanical garden. These places are mesmerizing including the beautiful River Ness.

You can also visit the Victorian market and East gate shopping centre.Besides enjoying the beautiful scenes, you can also take pictures and eat tasty food.






Newtownabbey is settlement of Belfast on a large scale in County Antrim,It takes 52 minutes from Newtownabbey to Cushendall.

There are a lot places that you would love to visit, It is a calm and peaceful area and located in shadow of mountain Unige Than.

There is a tower in the middle of village known as Curfew tower.

The warrior poet grave is also present here and is known as Oisin’s Grave, Other loveable places are Red Bay Castle , Glenariff forest park.

Layd church is also beautiful. You can also take advantage of large number of shops present in the village.


source:wikimedia/Anne Burgess





Glencoe village is a settling in Lochaber of Scotland highlands, It is present on Southern bank of River Coe.

This beautiful village area was recently voted for being most romantic glen of Scotland. You can do hill walking and mountaineering, It is an awesome place and going on a sunny day with family will give you a refreshing & joyous experience

You can come to Glencoe from A82 Glasgow UK,It is one of the most beautiful roads containing many mesmerising and fantastic scenery. It is an impressive road. By coming through this road you cross Glencoe valley which is also a beautiful place.  You also enjoy seeing the mountains in the sideways of road. Altogether, you would love going to Glencoe by A82 Glasgow road.

source: geograph.org.uk/peter



It is known for its lovely atmosphere with a tunnel like avenue. This route is surrounded by beech trees that are intertwined at the top, this is what makes it an amazing scenery. People often took photos and artists also come here to draw them. The road can accommodate 2 to 3 cars. It is situated near Ballymoney Town in County Antrim.

This location was also filmed in the famous series known as ‘Game of thrones’. This road was filmed as the King’s road and trees were planted by Stuart family. This road leads to Grace hill mansion that has now become a golf course.


source:geograph.org.uk/Kenneth Allen



 #5 Barrow-in-Furness To Keswick


One of my favourite place, Keswick(The Lake District) is a place located in cumbria,A beautiful town with Lakes & Hills. It’s an aesthetic place but you will be mesmerised by seeing Lush-green mountains.

If you are going by car then you will reach there in 1 hours and 20 minutes .You will see the attractive scenery on way to Keswick. It is a place worth visiting.





New forest is a place situated in the Southern England. It has pasture lands, health land and beautiful forest. It is in the populated South East area of England. It is a beautiful place and has many charming points. A drive to new forest is very amusing,it has so much to offer.

You can visit places like Beaulieu National Motor Museum, Ringwood Brewery and Moors Valley County,Castle Park , New forest wildlife park and Bolderwood deer sanctuary.

As the name indicates, it is a peaceful place. There is a lot of greenery. If you are a nature lover then you must pay a visit.







Abergwesyn pass is a village, situated in the Welsh County of Powys, Mid Wales.

If you are going from London then it is a 158 miles long journey,This place is rich in historical background as it is known for Archaeology, Bronze Age ritual site and Deserted Medieval villages. There is also Parish church, it is a famous church and many people visit it.

If you want to see Tregaron then you can go through Abergwesyn road; a narrow pathway of old drover’s that is 20 miles long present between the small hamlet of Abergwesyn and Town of Tregor.

This pathway is known for its exciting and dangerous rides,You can also visit Devil’s staircase.

The people that love challenges should go to Tregaron by this pathway.

abergwesyn pass
Source:geograph.org.uk/John Poyser




Cheltenham is present on the edge of Cotswolds. This area is naturally outstanding as the motto of this area is, HEALTH AND EDUCATION.

It takes 2 hours and 36 minutes to reach Stratford from here. Stratford district in East London is known as the Primary retail cultural centre area.

This region has many beautiful and attractive places besides the food and drinks. It is known for Queen Elizabeth Olympic park, Westfield stratford city,

Arcelormittal orbit, Lee Valley Velopark.









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