10 Signs to Observe That Indicate Your Husband Is Cheating On You?

Do you think that your partner is cheating on you? Are you suspecting from weeks or months?

Then something must be wrong between you and your partner. It might be possible you will not be getting any definitive clues.

Being a wife, you have to recognise the patterns your husband is adopting.



Your husband will be working late. Suddenly he will start dressing well. The behaviour changes will definitely be hurtful and confusing.

By being a loyal wife, you may trust the explanations given by your husband. Nevertheless, following are the 10 signs, which help to indicate that your husband is cheating on you.


It is true that your partner will exhibit the different or unusual behaviour, So get to know the foolproof way to detect infidelity.

Following are the signs to observe which indicates that your spouse may be unfaithful to you:

1.     The Gut feeling

Your husband will stop seeking advice or suggestions on important matters from you.  Your intuition cannot always be wrong, so the gut feeling will tell you that something is wrong.

2.     Always Saying NO to Your Choice for Him/her

It might be possible you find small items in your husband wardrobe, which are not given by you.

3.     Behavioural Changes

Your husband will start dressing better and will add cologne or prefer to make better changes.

4.     Cell Phone Conscious

He may start sleeping with a cell phone or guard it by keeping it along bedside. He may take it with him during shower.

5.     Password Protection Everywhere

His laptop or phone suddenly gets password protected, and he refuses to give the password.

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6. Negative Behavior

Making hurtful and irregular comments about you, your behavior and may be your looks. Picking sudden fights and then blaming you always.

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7. Comfort Level Suddenly Changes

Most of the time friends or relatives know that your husband is cheating on you and you don’t. So you will find that your mutual friends are acting strangely.

8.  Saying No to Going to Social Events with You

Most probably, your husband will feel uncomfortable with you and do not take you to the gatherings or social events.

9. Mysterious telephone mannerism

It is one of the best signs, which you need to recognise when your partner receives mysterious calls. If he/she quietly or weirdly says, “wrong number,” “No one,” “what are you saying?” and end his conversation with “OK wait I am coming?”

10.  Inapt Behavior

If you have actually found out that your husband is adopting inapt behavior then do mention your concerns. Do explain and talk to your spouse the reason that causes you to worry.

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