10 ways to maintain a long distance relationship with trust

Many among us believe that long distance relationship never work out. May be people around you might disregard long distance relationship and may advice to not get serious, it can cause heartbreak.

I have never said it is going to be easy. Long distance makes a lot of things unmanageable. You may feel left out or lonely at times.

If you want to know how to handle long distance relationship?

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Some Long distance relationships work statistics:

Sadly the statistics shows that 40% people quit in initial 6 months of relationship, 40% gets into open relationship or cheat and only 20 % of them actually stay in love. But you can create an exception can’t you?


Here are 10 ways to maintain a long distance relationship with trust:


#1 Do not over communicate with each other:


When you are far apart from each other, you want to share every minute detail with your other half. But according to me this will only tear you apart emotionally from your partner. Intact, conversating for multiple hours for nothing is an unnecessary gesture in long distance relationship.

Always remember one rule before starting a long distance relationship that “less is more” do not exhaust each other out and spend little but quality time over phone in order to keep the charm intact.


#2 See it as a gateway to strong bond:

A wise man once told me: “If you are willing to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart”. Meaning thereby being apart from your partner is a testification of your love.


Do not get depressed by the distance instead it’s a gateway that would lead to a strong bonded relationship.

#3 Lower your expectation level:

Try setting some ground rules that could lower your expectation from your partner who is away, Long distance relationship trust issues generate when you ‘expect too much’.

Be honest with each other and do not lie not a single time this might break their heart but it will save you big time from trust issues.


For example if you have a lot of work pressure do let them know before time so that they do not expect long hour calls on Skype and if by any mean you fail to fulfil your promise, you are going to end up being untrusted.

#4 Find common interest:

How to maintain a long distance relationship with your boyfriend? Try finding interest that can somewhat bond you two together.

Like watching a documentary or playing an online game.

Reading a book and sharing your thoughts about it the next time you talk to each other.

Talking randomly will bore you two out ultimately ends relationship up from an illogical fight.

#5 Surprise visit:

One of the best romantic ideas long distance relationship requires is to plan a surprise visit to your partner.


Book tickets, pack your bag and surprise the love of your life by visiting them. Among all other things, we miss the little gestures in relationship like staring into each other’s eyes and holding hands.

Meeting them after a long time can boost the level of love both in you and your partner.

#6 Embrace the lone time:

Sometimes it is just about you and no one else in this world. You may be alone but you are not lonely, try enjoy with your family or try to know yourself better. If you both love each other, you will somehow find your way back to living together but being apart is a perfect opportunity to know more about yourself and your potentials.


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#7 Show Support & Trust :

“I don’t trust my long distance boyfriend” these words subliminally shows your weak and brittle relationship with your partner.

If you really love him, let him go and he will find his way back to you. So if you are wondering how to trust your long distance boyfriend?

You and him both need to be super honest with each about each insecurity and trust issue you both have for each other.


Show him your full support and build the trust fort slowly and within no time he will again be your favourite person. Mention the habits you find annoying in each other and learn to take permissions.

#8 Know more about texting apps:

Now this is extremely important because texting do save your relationship from tearing apart.


Time to time try sending romantic distance relationship messages to your partner or spouse for showing them that you are with them every second.You can use either Whatsapp,Viber,Line,Facebook or Snapchat for messaging.


#9 Do not talk after 12 AM

This may sound silly to you but calling them late at night will only make the relationship worse, you might get into a massive fight or take wrong decisions.



Always talk to them with fresh mind.

# 10 Send presents:

People often ask questions like: “How do you know your boyfriend/husband loves you in a long distance relationship? Or How to keep your girlfriend happy in a long distance relationship?”

Sending random presents here and there, can sparkle your relationship.

It is a perfect way to be on your partner’s mind romantically 24/7 buy stuff online or buy them from stores and send them via mail. This loving gesture can increase the level of love in you and your partner big time.



Loving someone is a special and unique feeling in its own way. You want to be with each other all the time but what if your partner goes away for studying or for work? Even if the world demotivate you always remember love never dies.

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