15 problems couples usually face in a long distance relationships

Everybody is aware of the fact that long distance relationships suck.

I mean, I do not understand how someone can be able to live thousands of miles away from the love of his life?

I am going to discuss 15 major problems that are quite common in a long distance relationship.

#1 Communication Gap:

By communication gap, I don’t mean that you do not have any means to communicate in this era of technology.

However, by communication gap,I am referring to a situation where you have no new topic to discuss with your partner.

This is the most common problem in any long distance relation when you have the same old discussion over and over again.


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#2 Stalled life:

Another most common issue in a Long Distance Relationship is that you keep on thinking about your significant other, while doing each and every chore and thus makes your life at the stall.

You are not able to pay full focus to other important things in life, so you are on the verge of losing other fun things in life.

#3 Different time zones:

Time zone difference will play the villain when you and your partner are a continent apart. This difference of time makes it difficult for you two to have some time together without being tired or pressurised.


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 #4 Ignoring other relations:

Another dilemma of being in a Long Distance Relation is that you have to constantly in contact with your partner through call or texting. However, this affects your relation with your friends and colleagues badly.

 #5 Growing apart:

During this period of being apart, you and your partner will witness different experiences without each other. However, the hard part is that while partner is experiencing one of those changes you are not there with them to change accordingly. It may cause the two of you growing apart in your relation as well.

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#6 Getting deep:

When you are in a Long Distance Relation, you just have words to express your feeling, and that is the time when the other person got to know your mind and heart through your choice of words. It can turn into a problem when there come misinterpretation of feelings.



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#7 Jealously:

One of the most annoying and still the common issue between the Long Distance Couples is the jealousy factor. The lack of communication comes with lack of trust which then causes jealousy, insecurity and over possessiveness problem in your sweet love life.


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#8 Mode of communication:

Men tend to prefer chat as a mode of communication while for women it is the talk. This discrepancy over the mode of communication may cause conflicts.


#9 Lack of physical interaction:

Admit it, ladies; intimacy is an important part of a love life. However, what will you do if your partner lives miles away from you?


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#10 Stonewalling:


While in a Long Distance Relationship it becomes easy to avoid or escape from a certain situation by staying silent or refusing to engage in discussion. However, such behaviour will not only frustrate your partner but also make him or her self-doubting.


#11 Possessiveness:

Well, a little bit of possessiveness is healthy for a relationship, however, in an LDR, as both of you are miles apart you become over possessive and controlling thus turning things into the wrong direction.


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#12 Loneliness:

Another stumbling rock in any Long Distance Relation is the loneliness which comes when you can be there with your partner when you badly need them.

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#13 Depression:

Another gift of LDR, the loneliness, and the distance creates a depressing state, and your mind starts thinking negatively about each and every aspect of your relation.


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#14 Cheating:

Loyalty is a very rare trait, and it became stronger when your partner is with you all the time. However, in a Long Distance Relationship, it becomes easier to hide a deceit or a lie.

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#15 Uncertainty:

Being in a long distance relation may sometimes change the goals and directions of struggle and while the planned future got changed the future together become more uncertain.


Above mentioned are some of the common problems which arise when you are staying apart from your partner. Try to remove these from your love life or else they will rip apart your relation.


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