20 Cool & Romantic Anniversary Ideas to Surprise Your Partner

Anniversaries are always worthy of celebration, whether it’s the first or the twelfth. To make the day special one has to come up with cool and romantic surprises to impress the significant other. Finding out what to do is half the fun, as they need to simply blow away your partner.

20 cool and romantic anniversary ideas for partner

Here is a list of 20 cool and romantic ideas that could totally blow away your partner. These are neither expensive nor time-consuming but will leave an everlasting impression on your partner. Some of these are simple, some are more complicated but all of them are worthwhile.

1) Song Dedication on the radio station

This might be an old trick up the sleeve but it will surely leave your partner in awe. You might need to plan ahead and call the station and make sure that the special one is listening when the song comes on.

song dedication

2) An anniversary with friends

Celebrate the special day with your friends. Throw a dinner party and call your favorite people. Set the mood and watch a movie together.



3) Surprise Road trip 

It doesn’t need to be expensive. Just plan a simple getaway to give your selves some time off and enjoy each other’s company. This is one of the most suggested ideas.


4) Mundane Task swapped with a date

This one’s creative!  Ask them to perform some task, as usual like picking up groceries from the market.  Then surprise them there with tickets to a movie or a concert.

5) Trail to Destination LOVE  

Just spill some flower petals or scented paper petals on the floor, leading them to the special place.


6) Wedding Night Menu

Recreate the first ever meal you made for your loved one and add it up with a card noting how important they are in your life. The meal is sure to stir up some feelings.


7) First Date All over again

Relive that special day that brought you together, a day that changed your lives completely. Sit back and recall every aspect of that day. This is a winner when it comes to Ladies.

8) Double date

Ask your favorite couple out for that special double date. Enjoy the special day with your special people. Go out to your favorite restaurant or book tickets to the movies.

double date

9) Netflix and Chill

If you are usually busy, this one’s for you. Keep it simple and look for a romantic movie. Make your night special.

10) Theme park adventures

Relive your teen ages and head to a theme park. Those joy rides are sure to stir up some memories.


11) Comedy night out

Lighten the mood and book tickets to a comedy show. Laugh the night off at some funny jokes and snacks.


12) Pack a romantic picnic

Nothing beats a picnic in summer seasons. Pack some beverages, food, and sunscreen. Head to the park or the beach. Make the day special.

13) Photo session

If you are a selfie couple, get a booking at a cool photo artist. Get some cool photos to frame for the future.


14) Candle-Lit Dinner

This one is for people who love a romantic gesture. Make the special meal and set the table. Some candles accompanied by music will make this meal really special.

candle light

15) Tickets To the Games

Get Tickets to your man’s favorite sport. It will surely make his day even if you yourself aren’t a sports person.

16) Card keys to the hotel

Surprise your partner with a card key to the hotel you both wanted to stay at. Everyone loves a surprise hotel stay.

17)A Barbecue Party

Call all your friends and have a barbecue party on the lawn. Surprise your loved one with the people they love.

18) Breakfast in bed

Nothing makes a person happier than to not get up even for breakfast. Make breakfast for your partner and serve them in bed, make sure you give them a flower to brighten up their day.

19) Get your partner a day off

Talk to your partners boss to give them a day off. Surprise them in the morning with the news and spend the day together. Make a long list of things you would love to do.

20) Love letters

Write them a love letter filled with intimate memories. Remember it needs to have details spicy enough to make them blush.

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