20 Best Quotes to Make Your EX Jealous, Hurt and Repent

Lets just say that you have given your best in the relationship but due to your ex, the only relationship you found settling has shattered in to a zillion pieces. You are tired of crying and being heartbroken.

So, instead of punishing yourself try to punish him for his doings. You can make him jealous, irritated and even repenting with in no time.

These 20 quotes will make your ex jealous, hurt and repent. This topic is going to be your guide for his wrong behavior.

#1 Be happy:

The best status to make a guy jealous is the one that shows how happy you are without him.

  1. Dear ex, I won’t block you or delete you. I am keeping you there, so you’re able to see how happy I am without you!

When we are in a relationship we think that the other person is one of our personal belonging and that even after misbehaving we are never going to lose them. Show him how happy you are without him. It will make them want you with in no time.

2. Nothing will bring you greater peace, than minding your own business!

source:spirit science


#2 Be mannered:

The next time you are going face to face with your ex, show them how civilized you are that you are not holding any grudge against them in any way.



Honestly guys hate the fact that they are easy to get over with. So, the moment he found out you not fazing about him he will immediately repent.



#3 Take interest in other men:

Posting ex-boyfriend quotes about moving on is the best way to break their heart.


Take interest in other men, remember you are only doing it just to make your ex jealous so try being friends with other guys. Try being friends with any richer, older or muscular guy so that you’re ex patch up with you in no time.


#4 Self-improvement:

If you want to know how to make your ex jealous and want you back?

There is no better answer than that, many relationship ends up because we stop caring or improving our self.

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too”




We get so comfortable in our relationship that we close the door of improvements. Rethink about the things that your ex complained about you like being messy or casual? Try improving those areas, this will attract him fast.


For girls: Be a Woman a Man needs! Don’t be the woman that NEEDS a man!

 #5 Improve your looks:

Definitely there will be a certain way your ex wanted you to dress up in,Try doing it more often just to make them think about you more. Personality effect relationships big time.



At times our relationship do not work because in the long run we stop caring about our looks, we get casual about our clothing and that is one of the biggest turn offs in a relationship.

Be the hot lady he once fell for and in some days you are going to be the only thing on his mind 24/7.

#6 Using internet:


Don’t be afraid of using internet. If you have account on the social media website, where your ex is in your friend list then show off your happiness by uploading whats app status to make ex jealous.


Show off your happiness to them and I swear they will be more than jealous and will definitely stalk you like crazy.


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#7 His texts:

Your ex after seeing you happy will definitely contact you as soon as possible. Try learning how to make your ex-boyfriend jealous over text.

strong-forget ex


Do not reply them immediately but wait for 3 or more days to reply them, this gesture will subliminally show them that you are not in love with them anymore and they will do anything to gain you back.


#8 Do not be jealous:


If your ex is seeing someone else do not be jealous or envious. They might be in the same miserable state as you are and there is no easy way to say it. Play it cool and they will return and keep making them jealous.




#9 Flirting:


Try sending him quotes for ex-boyfriend you still love in a private message and when he respond to you be cool about it and confuse him to the highest extent.


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Always remember boys love mysterious girls. Flirt him every time you talk to him and meet him.



#10 Tell him you are happy for him:




Apart from all the misunderstandings and fights, show and tell your ex that you are happy for them. Try being wise in this case it might hurt a bit but after listening to this, his heart will melt for you.


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Have you ever given your 100% into a relationship but it ended badly because of your ex? Instead of crying and getting depressed try making him jealous and hurt. He might end up patching with you again.  These 20 quotes will make your ex jealous, hurt and repent.


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