21 Best Romantic Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Partner on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is probably the most important day in a couples life, irrespective of the years in their relationship, you get to be newlywed lovebirds for a day. It is important that you surprise your partner with gifts to show your never-ending love for them. Here are 20 romantic gift ideas to surprise your partner this valentine’s day.

1) Simple but exquisite,  Flowers

This is an old one perhaps but it always packs a punch. Surprise your partner with a bouquet of flowers. Be sure to select the ones, that your special one loves. Our recommendation would include roses or tulips.


2) Chocolates

Nothing expresses love better than chocolates. Get your partner some Hershey’s that might impress them.


3) Homemade Romantic Cake

What’s better than expressing your love with baking, your loved one, a cake. Simple homemade cakes are deemed to win their hearts.


4) Scrapbook with romantic memories

This one’s a creative one. Select the best photos together and put them in a DIY scrapbook. It’s sure to make them blush.

5)Love letters

Write them a love letter filled with intimate memories to make them blush.

6) Tickets to the movies

Now, this might be a common gift but it works wonders. Get yourself some movie tickets and relive those date night scenarios.


7) Cuddly Teddybears

These soft little toys are the best for her. Nothing reminds them of how much you love them then the teddy’s they cherish so much.

8) Perfume to Impress

Perfumes are a nice way to show how close you are. This gift works for both men and women.

9) Watch for him

Nothing makes a man more happy than having an elegant watch to brag about.

10) Adopt a pet together

These cute little puff balls, as a gift would make anyone fall for you all over again.

11) Matching Keychains

This simple little gift will surely melt your partners heart.

12) Personalized Coffee Mugs

This one will make sure they remember you every time they take coffee or tea.

13) Homemade cards

What can we say, cards are the best way to express your feelings.

14) Plan a Road Trip

Plan a road trip as a gift. Take that special one to the outskirts of the city. Times like these make you fall deeper in love.

15) Photo frame

Capture you never-ending love in a photo frame.

16) Dresses are love

This is one that might need some research and money. Buy your partner the dress you love.

17) Books for the literary

Some people might like an escape to a fantasy world with their partner.

18) Locket

Nothing pleases a girl more than a beautiful locket.

19) Pack a romantic picnic

Nothing beats a picnic in summer seasons.

20) Candle-Lit Dinner

This one is for people who love a romantic gesture


21) Do a Fireworks Show for Your Loved One!

Fireworks are cheap, and nothing will melt your loved one’s heart more than a special show just for them. Set it up the day before – you can just put it in a small box and carry in your backpack. Then when moment comes, take them to a secluded place, that is safe for fireworks, tell them to turn around, put the box on the ground and set up the show.

Sparks will fly in the air, and your loved one’s heart!

Here are 21 romantic gift ideas to surprise your partner this valentine’s day from our side. Nothing says¬† ” I love you” more than thoughtfully put together gifts.



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