5 Simple exercises for you that will greatly improve your posture?


Technology has made our life easy but along with that people are becoming lazy day by day. Not even this but making their physical activities less. Nowadays, technology governs people. Most people suffer back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain because of their bad posture. They don’t give attention to improve their posture while doing everyday tasks

It is common that people use to sit on chairs in front of the system for many hours without moving or doing any other activity.


People are not aware of its adverse side-effects on health and body growth. And hence this is becoming a primary reason of bad postures.


John is a successful web developer, and he has made many successful ranking websites.

He works 16 hours a day in front of his system which is quite hectic.

He remains in the same sitting posture which is not beneficial for his health. He is now suffering from back pain just because of his wrong posture.


It often happens that we just think about the profits regardless of how much health and energy we are compromising for it.


Are you of them who are suffering from back pain because of bad posture? Are you in search of such simple exercises for you that will significantly improve your posture?


If yes, then this informative article is going to help you to find out the best exercises which can be beneficial for your health and in improving your posture.


5 Simple exercises that will greatly improve your posture


It is very much important to correct your posture, and this is not as much difficult as you think. There is no strict rule for this purpose, and however, it may not need as much flash as eating the right food and exercising. There are few simple basic exercises to correct your wrong posture without having great efforts.



1-  How can Plank exercise strength your muscles?


It is important to know that bad posture can badly affect your body and cause physical problems. However, a strong core is a key to having good posture. If plank exercise performs accurately, it strengths abdominal muscles.


Step to perform planks:

  1. With your palms beside with the legs and feet lying your face down.
  2. Raise your body with the help of hands by balancing your weight equally on hands.
  3. Alternatively, raise yourself on your forearms by keeping your back straight.
  4. Try to pose in this form for at least 30 sec by holding your breath.
  5. By daily practices, it will increase your strength and stamina and will improve your pose.



2-  Try crunch twist to have perfect pose:


If you are suffering from posture problem and you are in need of lovely activity that you can enjoy then try crunch twist.


Steps to perform crunch twist:

  1. The first step to perform a crunch is to lie down on the floor and bent your knees.
  2. Put your hands under your head.
  3. Exhale and turn to the left side by just slightly lift your shoulder off the ground.
  4. Repeat this action by inhaling and do this at least one minute or complete one round.


3-  Try Dumbbells Side Bend:


This exercise is fruitful in getting your perfect posture back. It also helps to strength your abdominal and shoulder muscles.


Steps to perform dumbbells side bend:

  1. Stand straight with feet and shoulders width away.
  2. Leave your shoulders to relax and calm.
  3. Pick up a lightweight dumbbell or even you can use water can.
  4. Slightly bend on one side and return to straight position.
  5. Repeat these moves on both sides one after other.


4-  Back Extension for the back flexibility


While you are up-to to make your posture correct. Then you must need to try this exercise because this can help you to make your back more flexible to try other exercises.


Steps to perform back extension:

  1. Lie on the floor and prolonged your arms above the head.
  2. Make sure your hands should be straight in line with the back spine.
  3. Slightly lift your shoulders as much as you can do above the floor.
  4. Return to your initial position.

This is the most effective activity that anyone can try without doing a much breathtaking effort.

5-  Seated twist better than anything:


This is the most effective activity that anyone can try without doing a much breathtaking effort.


Steps to perform seated twist:

  1. Sit on the chair and take a straight position.
  2. From a seated and straight position, turn to the right side with the right arm of the chair by exhaling.
  3. Your chest and abdomen will be toward the right side of the chair.
  4. Be in this position for a minute before turning back to the starting position.
  5. This activity can be performed at any time in a day.




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