50 gift ideas for long distance relationship

Are you worried about your long distance relationship? If you want to patch up again with your love, then what would be better than giving him or her a beautiful gift?


I know it is tough to choose a gift for yours someone but trust me this article will help you to find the 50 gift ideas for long distance relationship.

#1 Gift him/her a quote Cup-Long distance relationship:

You carry a cup that has a quote on it, in China, it means that your affection will last for whole life. Similarly, in the United States, it is believed that you are an excellent friend that Gift the mug to your special one. Gifting a mug to someone is a lovely way to encourage your love each day. This is one of the 50 gift ideas that will work for you.



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#2 Gift him/her greeting card

A high-quality balloon is also packed with the greeting card, giving an extra surprise to him or her.

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#3  Gift him/her a beautiful slideshow:

Post a mini and nice slideshow of photos with her/him along with a small projector. The projector will blow up the slideshow in full colour on a room wall. The projector will be so small that it can fit in your pocket and hands.



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#4 Gift a wooden card:

You can gift him/her a card made of real wood. It will never mold, break, or crumble. In this way, you can save your relation warmth and its long lasting.


Image source: https://images.milled.com


#5 Gift him/her cake:

Two layers of delicious, Red Chocolate cake that are completely smother and filled up with pure white cream, and then dressed with delicious white chocolate dust. However, you can Gift this amazing cake anywhere your special one lives.


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#6 Gift him/her shirt:

You can easily parcel someone special a shirt that has a print on it “King” or “Queen.” It makes your love last and FOREVER!

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#7 Gift a pill bottle pendant:

Gifting pill bottle necklace is a unique idea. The locket opens up so you can put a message of your love in it. It will make your love happy.

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#8 Gift a custom puzzle:

Choose your best photo with him/her and turn into a high jigsaw puzzle. It will make your partner feel special.


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#9 Gift a romantic puzzle:


The customised jigsaw puzzle is the perfect romantic gift to celebrate the place where you both are first met.


image source: http://hadi3610.persiangig.com


#10 Gift a love ring:

Gift a ring to your partner with a stamp of “Love knows no Distance.” It is the perfect idea for a relationship which is facing problems. What is better than to wear a ring every day that reminds you the love of your partner?


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#11 Gift a candle surprise:

Melt the beautiful candle in such a way that you can easily find a piece of jewellery inside. The jewellery is wrapped in a protective packet. Your candle could be worth anywhere from $10 to $5000.



Image source: http://chicnsavvyreviews.net


 #12 Give an “I Love You” necklace:

Jewellery always wins the heart. Give your partner a necklace of “I Love You”. When your partner wears it every day, he/she realise your love.

Image source: http://www.polyvore.com

#13 Gift a teddy bear:

Teddy bears have a unique value between two lovers. When you Gift your partner a teddy bear, it will win the heart.

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#14 Gift a dual time zone necklace:

Gift a dual time zone pendant to your spouse. You can set one clock to your time zone and the other to the time zone of your lover.

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#15 Gift him/her an engraved promise ring:

It is a beautiful gift idea for long distance relationship. It says I will love you no matter the distance.

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#16 Gift a colossus card:

Gift a big card to your partner. It is undoubtedly a fantastic surprise that he or she will be excited to receive it.

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#17 Give him/her a custom blanket:

A beautiful blanket and loving photos become the most romantic gift. You can Gift it any time of the year.


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#18 Gift a heartbeat necklace:

Your partner will be happy to wear it every day. This necklace will show your heart is beating with your spouse.

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#19 Gift a paperweight:

A beautiful crystal paperweight might make your partner feel happy when he or she is busy in some boring office work.

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#20 Gift a bundle of love:

Gift a bundle of love to your partner in the shape of some unique gifts that contain chocolates, two cups, a frame or some greeting cards.

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#21 Gift a fruit box:

Gift your partner a box that contains some delicious and healthy fruits.

Image source: https://www.snowgoose.com.au


#22 Get a Personalised Pillowcase:

A custom pillowcase makes your partner feel that how much close both of you and distance does not matter.

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#23 Throw a couple of mugs:

One cup that shows how close you are and the second for distance do not matter in your love.

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#24 Gift a Red Rose:

A sign of true love is a red rose. Your partner feels happy when he/she receive a red rose with a greeting card.

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#25 Make a photo pillowcase:

Gift a pillowcase to your partner that has a printed photo of you. Your partner realises your closeness to him.

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#26 Gift him/her coordinate bracelet:

It is a perfect gift to remember your wedding date and your first meeting time with your partner.

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#27 A love note bottle:

It is the best choice to Gift a love bottle to your someone. Just need to write your feelings on the paper and bind it back in the love bottle. Here you go! Love is ready to spread everywhere.


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#28. Gift a box of notes:

A package that contains many love notes is the best gift for long distance relationship. While reading each note, happiness is at a peak.

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#29. Gift a webcam light:

A little tiny pocket light that lets you click photos or video chat anywhere you go in any light.


Image source: https://macsources.com


#30 Gift a beautiful heart USB drive:

It might like a weirdest and non-sense idea but give it one chance. The USB drive carried love songs, romantic movies or photos and packed in a beautiful box.


Image source: http://www.vip-flash.com


#31 Gift a collage:

A picture makes with the combination of the photos of yours and the photos of your loved one in a heart shape.


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#32 Gift a letter in a box:

A letter had a million feelings in it and packed in a beautiful envelope. A beautiful way to Gift feelings to your long distance partner.


Image source: http://www.vintageimagecraft.com


#33 Gift 3D greeting card:

The 3D greeting card folds flat and fit inside of an envelope but pops open when you partner takes it out. A beautiful way to Gift your long distance partner something unique.


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#34 Gift Him/her a romantic book:

A romantic book that consists of love between two lovers when your partner read this book at night on the bed, he/she feels you.


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#35 Gift him/her a music box:

A DVD box consists of favourite songs of your partner. Everyone has a song they love, so it is a fantastic idea.


Image source: http://www.musicboxesetc.com


#36 Gift mobile case:

Gift a mobile case that has a photo of you on it. When your lover is missing you, he/she just turn mobile and see your face.


Image source: http://www.dhresource.com


#37 Gift him/her romantic poetry:

Every morning and each night Gifting a lovely and romantic poetry are the romantic idea to realise your love.


Image source; http://4.bp.blogspot.com


#38 Gift heart chocolates:

Chocolates melt a lover heart very fast. The shape of chocolates also affects your partner.


Image source: http://www.chocolate-hearts.co.uk


#39 A key to your heart:

A key with a heart pendant, it is a charming idea to Gift it to your lover.  Your partner realises that your heart is belonging to you.

Image source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com


#40 A photo frame:

A giant picture frame of your wedding day, Gift it to your long distance partner. It doesn’t matter why he/she is upset. When he/she gets this photo frame, it will make your love happy.

Image source: https://s7d9.scene7.com


#41 A love shape bracelet:

This Love is all you need bracelet puts your feelings out there for the world to see. The whole world can see that you are committed to the special one.

Image source: https://ae01.alicdn.com


   #42 Gift shirt of your name:

A shirt of your name Gift it to your lover, it seems like, not a brilliant idea but a cute one.


Image source: http://www.betterthanpants.com


#43 A painting of your photo:

Gift your soul mate a painting of your sexy photo that represents that you are anxiously waiting for him.


Image source: http://www.patricksaunders.com

#44 Gift beautiful bouquets every month:

A bouquet has very importance in every relationship. A beautiful bouquet makes your lover feel fresh.


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#45 Gift kisses chocolates:

Chocolates are already a very romantic gift. When you Gift a jar of kisses chocolates, it will become icing on the cake.


#46 Gift him/her beautiful soap roses:

Even if you cannot Gift bouquets because some locations are no possible to order when you are far away, then gifting soap roses is the best idea.


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#47 Gift a Handmade diary:

The log contains romantic photos, lyric poetry and the feelings you cannot tell them.


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#48 Gift a love poem written by you:

A song with your unexpressed feelings makes a great impact on your special one.


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#49 Gift a handmade card:

On some special day, make a card by your hands with red color, what a unique idea!


Image source: http://qsosa.com


#50 Gift your favorite perfume:

An amazing gift for your long distance partner to feel you and perceive your love for him.


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