What could be the best way to tell that I have chosen someone else?

What could be the best way to tell that I ‘ve chosen someone else?

I believe that this question is one of the hardest to answer.

Rejection is very hard to hear and to be spoken, saying goodbyes and showing that you prioritize someone else is too difficult.

I know letting the most deserved in is the right thing to do but showing green signal to the wrong one is necessary too.

In this article, I am going to give some tips and tricks for telling that you have chosen someone else without harsh feelings.

1.     Do not get personal

The first and foremost tip is not to get personal with the one you are going to reject. This tip works well with those who are looking at this matter in amore professional manner. If you are going to fire someone without breaking their heart, the only tip is to call your employer and try to speak to them without getting personal. Surely right after rejection another person might get hystericfor a while, in the meantime all you have got to do is to remain calm and don’t about unnecessary stuff like weather forecast etc.

2.     Mind your tone!

Those who are searching internet with the question:“how to tell a vendor you went with someone else?” or how to reject a vendor politely?When you are dealing professionally with someone be careful about your tone. A person who is about to reject the other person should have a caring voice tone but yet bit emotionless. Try to show them that you care but do not get scared in doing so. Ask the person to meet you alone, after talking casually for a minute try telling them the sad news in a single emotionless tone and do not wait for them to react rather try to speak in a flow without interruption.

3.Be confident

One of the most important things while rejecting someone is your confidence. If you have no guts to tell your requirement even to your employees than think for a while what is all the reason behind this? While dealing professionally, the boss should maintain decency and an attitude that never targets someone personally rather professionally. Even if you will not do it today, you are going to do it at some point so why wait? Pop the news because no matter what you are going to do it anyways.

4.Show that you care

If anything these days is free, it is kindness. Try to express that you care and it is nothing personal once you shared the sad news with them. Try to tell that whatever decision you have taken wasn’t yours only and that you hold no grudge with them. They might be too anxious to hear at first place but once they will settle down, all your talks of concern will be heard by them. So try to be kind enough to care for their problems too, rather than looking at your own.

5.Be truthful

As we lead our life on the saying honesty is the best policy, in this case its nothing but true. You know just truth is bitter but save from the mess which has been created by that one person. For those whom are thinking about how to tell a vendor no thanks, so my only suggestion is be truthful like about their work, personality and working attitude. This is how the vendor who has been rejected will not feel targeted by the hirer. If we are looking to reject someone in love life, truthfulness will be more than just helping. Let us just say you have found a girl who is perfect in every way but show clinginess or over-protectiveness at times and you don’t want to date them anymore, the best way to tell her is to do it in a clear and truthful manner.

6.Use compliment sandwich mechanism

How to turn down a vendor proposal? For doing this try to deliver the rejection bad news sandwiched between good or positive news.  For example if you are going to turn down a vendor proposal start with telling them how much their efforts are appreciated by you and how devoted they are,  and then right in the middle try to give them the bad news that  you are not  however marveled by their work. If you want to write sample vendor rejection letter make sandwich mechanism one of the most crucial aspect of the letter.


What could be the best way to tell that I ‘ve chosen someone else, rejection is not a news that couldn’t  be absorbed so easily not by the hearer or deliverer. In moment of seconds you see so many mood swings in the fired person that you have never seen before. But again rejection is always nothing personal and should never target someone personally either. Try to be professional, confident and prove to the other person that this decision hold no personal grudge with the other person.

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