How to breathe life into phone calls with a long distance partner?

Being in long distance relationship is a blessing yet a curse. You might promise your partner that the distance won’t tear your relationship apart but deep inside you know that some bitter unwanted changes might set in your life. Well don’t get worried as long as you are communicating well nothing can ever go wrong. In this article I am going to tell how to breathe life into phone calls with a long distance partner. It might seem difficult but I bet once you adjust to the reality that your partner is no longer with you, things will get better automatically.

First of all I am going to answer some of the frequently asked question by long distance relationship partners:

 Is it normal not to talk everyday in a long distance relationship?

According to my opinion, not calling everyday to the love of your life is nothing but normal. Let’s just say that your partner moved to a new city and he has been stuck in a long hour hectic job which doesn’t allow him to talk to you every day. Does it really mean that he has no love for you in his heart? The answer to this is of course no.  In long distance relationship, the quality of communication matters more than the quantity of communication. If he is not talking to you daily, share your insecurities and whatever makes you feel odd. Even if you two don’t talk every day, it doesn’t matter as long as both of you know each and everything about each other.

How often to call in a long distance relationship?

There is no hard and fast rule as to how often the couple should talk in long distance relationship. As mentioned earlier it depends on the two people in relationship, their time difference, their job pattern, their priorities and a lot of other things that dominates their lives. If the two of you have a strong bond of communication, talking every other day works just fine but if your relationship is new and you two are still in understanding phase it is better to talk daily even for half an hour.It is one of the most important long distance relationship texting rules.


Here are some of the ideas that can create spark in your long distance relationship:

#1 Make a list of things to talk about

Before talking to your partner, make a list of all the things that you wanted to talk. List should not consist of ordinary thing but the things you always wanted to talk with him. Other than that talk about stupid things, those things that make you embarrassed if you talk to them about it face to face and also about rhetorical things. Within no time your long distance relationship communication problems will be solved.

#2 Play phone games together

Believe it or not playing petty phone games can do wonders to your long distance relationship.       For example simple word game can actually lead to a striking conversation with your partner. If you are long distance relationship text only kind of person, phone games can be your biggest relationship savior.


#3 Read a book together

If you two are too bored to talk to each other, the best spark can be reading a book at the same time and then discussing about the book on call. Of course if you two are in relationship you will easily find a book of your common interest.  So read and discuss!

#4 Sing song to them

Singing is the most powerful form of telling someone what they mean to you. If you are bad at conversation, you might find it one heck of a task to deeply express what you feel for your partner. So, in this scenario singing can help you big time in expressing what you can’t express normally.

#5 Be flirty

Take out some time from your schedule to be romantic and sentimental. Sometimes “I love you” and “I miss you” aren’t that expressive. Try pouring your heart into one another and reawake the spark.


 #6 Be relatable

Pay close attention to the conversation content and based on the content try jumping on the related topics. This trick can not only save your long distance relationship but it can also improve your communication skill with lesser known people.

 #7 Listen more

The key of having a superb relationship is to listen more. This can heal your partner emotionally to a greater deal. Listen to each and every word they say and encourage them to share even the smallest details of their lives without getting embarrassed. In this way your partner will respect you more and also maintain a deeper soul-to-soul connection with you.


#8 Create a bucket list

If the two of you are too bored to talk, the best way is to make a list of everything that you aim to accomplish together. It is perhaps the best long distance relationship texting advice so far. By creating a bucket list, the two of you will be tied in an invisible knot and no matter what you do, this bucket list will always tie the two of you together.

#9 Collect ideas throughout the day

So much can happen to us in a day and frankly we can’t remember it all. So try to make a mental note of everything that happened to you in a day and share it with your partner during calls. This way the awkward silence will never take place between the two of you.

#10 Share experiences

Share all your new experience with your partner over the phone. If they truly care, they are not only going to listen but also give you fruitful suggestion. When you are in long distance relationship, the biggest insecurity is that our partner will start forgetting about us and will de-value us in the relationship. Sharing new experiences will lead your partner into thinking that they are important for you.


#11 Talk about lives of other people

Learn how to share funny, cool, silly and exciting details of all those people who are mutually acquainted with you and your partner. This is surely not gossip as long as you or your partner is told to keep it confidential. If your partner doesn’t know the people you talk to them about, it will be the best way to introduce your friends and colleagues to your partner that they are going to meet in the near future.

#12 Share intimate interests

Learn how to share personal intimating interests with your partner. Even if you are far apart, it doesn’t mean that the physical spark between you two has died. Share all the things that you are comfortable in doing with your partner in an intimate way.


How to breathe life into phone calls with a long distance partner? This is the question which is frequently asked by all bored up partners in a long distance relationship. Let’s just confess that there are very few individual among us who are professional at conversations with their distant partners. The rest of us are only conversation killers who kill the conversations with the awkward and weird as hell topics.

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