How money can cause problems in your relationship?

There are many issues in which couples fight, however, the one with lasting effects is the issue regarding finance. It is a well-known quote that money cannot buy love. However, the truth is money may prove to be a cause to diminish love.


Do I sound materialistic? Trust me I am not at all. It’s my routine analysis that couples fight a lot of money related issues. So why not to discuss it Today?

In this article, I want to hash out as how money can be a problem in your relationship?

So whether or not you are facing this issue, do read this article as it will help you to save your relation from finance related issues.


You must be wondering why I am stressing so much to read this particular article. Well, the reason is matters related to money often leads to divorces and separation more commonly than any other issue.


So how can money be a cause of ending a relation? Here are five financial problems which can kill your relationship eventually.


#1 Evil Spending habits:

I am not asserting that you should tell your potential partner about your spending habits or your economic conditions in the start of your relation. However, it is prudent if you are planning to move in together or getting married that to be clear and transparent about everything regarding finance.


If you do not discuss it all prior, then it may cause a lack of trust or lack of synchronisation regarding plans which may prove devastating for a relation.


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#2 Spending your partner’s saving brutally:

Most people when in a relationship buy things together. You can buy home, car or anything like that for both of you, however, problems arise when one of you fails to make his or her payments.

It not only increase the burden on the other partner but also creates tension in a relation. Moreover, if one of the partners spend the savings of other carelessly, it will bring bitterness in a relationship and may lead to the end of a relation.

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#3 Unnecessary shopping:

In a relation when you both pool your savings, the one thing that you need to take care of is that you have to discuss purchase before making them.

Has it ever happened to you that you bought something from your joint money and then your partner labelled it as an unnecessary purchase?

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#4 Figure out the details:

So who is going to pay the bills?

Is it you or your partner? Have you set the rules for payments?

Whether you are in a relation with separate finances or a more committed relationship with joint finances, you have to keep track of all the expenses and payments.

This tracking is important because it helps you in your savings for the future and your financial security. However, if you fail to do so, then the financial issues cause regular arguments and arguments cause bitterness in a relation.

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#5 Controlling behavior:

Nobody wants to be a part of controlling kind of relationship. So if you or your partner is showing such behavior, it could be detrimental to the health of a relation.

One of the most typical examples of financially controlling behavior is that you criticize your partner in a demeaning way for taking any decision regarding money.


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