How to change your behavior and get better at compromising?

How many times did you hear, not to change so that you won’t be alone? Or that do not change yourself for someone’s love? However, I want to argue that sometimes change is good.

You might be thinking I am asking you to betray your partner by pretending someone who you are not. But it is completely not like that.


Let me tell you something important; there is nothing as perfect fit exists in this world. Surely there exist some “nearly there” fit or may be some “almost perfect” kind of fit, but you will never find someone, who is an exact copy of you.

When two people come in a relation, no matter on how many similar opinions you both share, there still exist certain sharp edges and bitter differences.

so what to do ?

The answer is ‘Compromise’

Make yourself better at compromising & tolerate your differences


Here are five adjustments that you can make to get better at compromising:


#1 Don’t try to impose your opinions: 

Have you ever ignore what your partner is saying and try to impose your views on them?

Well, it is the most common reason behind couples fights. Although I admit that you may be right in your opinions, however, at least you should listen when the other person is trying to put their point.




#2 Let things go:

You have to learn to let things go, Do not hold tightly the mistakes made by another person; you have to adopt the “forgive and forget” policy. The second stage of compromising is that you have to learn not to bring past in your future.



#3 Analyze your expectations:

Oh, so you are arguing just because now you can’t back off? Many time during a couple of fight we realise that we are arguing for something which is not worth it. However, still, we do not admit it. Re-analyse your expectations, acknowledge your mistakes open heatedly and TRUST ME  it will only bring peace and love in your relation.


#4 Show willingness for change:

After you analyse your expectations from life and also from your relation, make necessary changes. It is something which depicts that you want to learn compromise. However, you have to make it certain through your actions.  It is the only way to show others that you want to compromise.


#5 Sharing is caring:

Well, you are compromising that does not at all mean that you have to forsake yourself.

Compromising does not require someone to hide his emotions and believes in making others happy all the time. You should share your emotions and feelings to the other person for the better understanding so that the compromise comes from both the sides with a proper understanding of each other’s feelings and nature.

At last, I just want to add that compromise is not something like continuous sacrifices from one side only.

It is a phenomenon to understand your expectations and emotions to make space for the other person’s feelings as well. Because the love is not about “I,” “Me,” “Myself.” However, it should be about “We,” “Us,” and “Ourselves.”



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