Do Men Like Women Who Show Affection & Care ?

With the old saying” Everybody need some loving” we know that love and affection is a language of the universe. We can conquer biggest and most impossible wars with love.

When it comes to the love that a man and women shares with each other, should it be only men who should show affection towards women?

The topic which I am going to cover is do men like women who show affection?

The needs and opinions of both genders are very different from each other on this topic.

Men never see things with the same horizon as women do, So in order to know the truth behind breaking the affection taboo, keep on reading.

Let us give you an example of how this affection thing really goes on. If two people go on a date, so on this date if a guy show physical interest to the women she might not respond well to him but if a women show physical interest in the guy he will respond better than expected.

Did you see how different men and women are?

What kind of affection do guys like?

Well if we talk about guys, they love those girls who make them feel more masculine, sexy, trusted and above all Alpha (it is the central notion of any relation).

When it comes to women, well they like those men who play it cool, take things slowly and understand the women’s vulnerability above all women like those men who can be trusted.

Both affection and intimacy is the center of relationship among men. One note to remember by women is not to get too affectionate in public because it can harm his self-esteem and might turn off him a bit. Try to give all hugs and kisses privately and not in front of his pals.


How do guys show affection?

Just like you, men have their own ways of showing affection which you might not understand on point.

Here are some of the ways your guy might be expressing his affection with:

  1. He might include you in almost all of his plans
  2. He will show extra intimate gestures like bringing you little gifts other than that he will also increase the physical contact
  3. He will be your savior and protector. He will start giving you more helping hands and will be there for you always in time of need
  4. He will include you everywhere he plans for his future. In general you will feel like you are a central part of his tiny universe and that his life revolves around.

So these are signs of affection from a man, never neglect these signs because it is the evidence of his pure love.


How to give man affection?

Here are some of the ways in which you can show affection to your man.  By this point you must realize that it is not only the duty of men to show the love and concern to women.

You are as much into this relationship as he is, so it is your responsibility too to take the lead.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Do what makes him happy.
  2. Don’t think that hugging is overrated in fact hugging is a strong gesture. When you hug your men it instantly relieve him from so many distresses that you don’t even know about
  3. Hold hands and don’t be afraid to do it in public
  4. Give him a good massage when he comes back from work. You might not know it at first but it can trigger his love for you
  5. Appreciate him
  6. Cuddle with him

How to show physical affection to your boyfriend?

If we see from men’s prospective, it is no fun to constantly nag the women how they want to be loved. So here are some of the ways in which you can show physical affection to your guy.

  1. Initiate the spark: try to take the lead in intimacy, mostly this is what men want but can’t talk about it all the time to the women.
  2. Ask for the feedback
  3. Find the non-intimidating touch that can increase his level of love
  4. Always remember how you want to be touched or what makes your level of love all increased for him. This way you will be able to know things which can help you showing better affection

How do guys touch you to show affection?

When a guy is affectionate with you he will tell you different signs with his touch. Here are some of those signs:

  • Squeezing hug: a need of intimacy
  • Arm rubbing: A sign of more physical closeness
  • Arm gripping: He is afraid of intrusion of other people in your relationship with him.
  • Hair touching: Sign of showing familiarity
  • Palm rubbing: way to show you comfort


Do men like women who show affection? This is a question which is hardly addressed by people. The answer to this question is an obvious yes. Men just like women are human being and humans from a very young age need attention, love and affection in order to survive. If you don’t give these three things to your guy, he might turn to someone else for comfort.

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