You should end your long distance relationship if you are facing these issues?

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We, humans, are the strangest creature; we want companionship for almost everything we do in life. Someone we can laugh with, someone with whom we can share our worries, fears, and sorrows. Moreover, when we finally meet someone all it takes is an immediate connection that clicks, and everything seems to be like a fairy tale.


However, the sad part is our life is not a fairy-tale; we have to bear the harsh realities of life. Moreover, one of the biggest harsh realities of life is that it is not the bed of roses. It gets rough and tough, and when it does so, it also affects your relationships, making them somewhat bitter. Furthermore, a long distance relationship is far more affected.


However, here the question is how do we know if this bitterness is temporary or your relationship is diminishing slowly? I am not posing myself as a relationship expert but in this article,

Some of the signs which indicate ‘end of your long distance relationship’:


#1 Fruitless efforts: 


Are you feeling like you are giving your 100% yet you are unable to make your partner happy in a relationship?

Then give it a thought that you are giving your love and attention to a wrong person.


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Nobody has the right to hurt self-respect of another individual. Moreover, if the other person is unable to see how much effort you are exerting just to make them smile, then it is time for you to stand for yourself.

If your partner gives the excuse of the distance between the two of you, then believe me it is not a valid excuse for such behavior.


#2 Tight Schedules & Getting Ignored:


If your long-distance partner is making excuses of tight schedules & ignoring you then ,Ask yourself what is wrong?

Is he showing indirectly signs of lack of interest,care & attention?

If yes, then there is a possibility he is involved in someone else or has lost interest in you

You have to honestly ask these entire questions to yourself without using and defensive tactics.


#3 The Absence of Contentment:


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Contentment, a feeling which makes you feels loved, happy and secure. Are you feeling it right now or not?

Observe your conversation, is it too pessimistic or not?

After this reality check go for the reasons behind this changed attitude of your partner?

Is it you or him who is not content ? or Is it your relationship which is creating this negative thinking?


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#4 Making up Fake Hopes:


We all are somewhat optimistic from inside. We tend to wait for the things to get better. Are to trying this in your relation too?

Are you setting deadlines for things to get better?

You have to keep this thing in mind that life is all about enjoying the present.



If you are not enjoying the moment, you have with your partner. it’s meaningless to stay together if your relationship lacks happiness, care, attention & love


#5 Continuous fights:


Well, fights do increase the love. However, following arguments on each and every issue increase only the frustration.

Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing. However, if your fights are creating bitterness between to two of you, then it is the time to sit and talk like adults.



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Nobody, but only you can tell if your relationship is healthy or not. So, if you are observing something wrong, then do not wait. Just try to mend it first without compromising your happiness.

If everything seems out of control , don’t sacrifice your life

Go for a Breakup

We only have the life once, so live it happily with the real love of your life.



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