What to do when your family hates your boyfriend?

Does family hates your boyfriend? No doubt that family is the one who only cares about you and loves you beyond everything.

A family is someone that wants to see you happy in every condition. But sometimes what looks perfect, the reality is far different from that.In everyone’ life at least one time there comes a great person that changes the whole life.

You feel like this is the one who is a perfect match. But sometimes due to unknown reasons, your family hates yours boyfriend. Your family will not say anything on your face. But there will be hatred in their hearts.


Well, don’t worry it is not just with you as many people face with such problem all over the world.

So, it is necessary to handle this seemingly impossible problem correctly.

Here are the few ways to handle this issue which is as follows:


#1 Figure out why your family hates your partner:

There might be chances that you are taking your family members wrong and unable to understand their feelings. Or maybe your boyfriend is paranoid, or extremely shy. He can be a bit awkward, which in return makes your family behave awkwardly.


So, it is important to not to ask the straightforward but instead you can try to ask them during the conversation. That what they think about the new member or the person in their life.

 Your love-family hates him

#2 If their worries are reasonable, see if things can quickly be set:

There come many points that your family hates yours boyfriend. The reason can be that he dresses senseless or he talks offensive or showing attitude.

Whatever the things are; no reason can be worse than to have a lifetime break up heart attack. You can easily figure out this small problem by gently talking with your boyfriend.


You can ask him to dress well to dinner or can ask him to behave politely in front of your parents.


These little things can be settled quickly if these are handled in the best way.


#3 See how far your family is willing to go:

If your family is not prepared to accept him at any cost, then this is a matter of great concern. If they prevent you to not to marry him, or even meet him or they threaten you not to talk to him.

Then these are the extreme things because there can also come the point where your family can demand from your to choose the one. So, it is important for you to choose the one according to the importance in your life. Your one bad decision can destroy the lives of all.


#4 Make sure to keep your life and feelings first:

Keep it in mind that this your life and your choice. You are dating someone, not your family. They don’t need to like him for anything. They even don’t know him as much as you know him. There might be probabilities that they will start loving him and understand him, but at the same time, the things can be different.


So it is necessary to listen to your heart and think above from everything by forgetting him or your family.

Your family hates your partner-

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