How to get your partner to stop sharing private details about relationship?

Being in love with your partner is one of the most beautiful yet an exotic feeling in the world. What you share with each other is simply divine. With each passing day you and your partner make so many memories that make your relationship simple and different. But, slowly you feel your partner is threatening the security of your relationship by oversharing your private details with their friends.

May be, you and your partner are not standing on same ground when it comes to sharing private details with friends but exploiting a relationship is never a good option.

In this article, I will tell you how to get your partner to stop sharing private details about your relationship with the outer world.

#1 Know his reasons

Before worrying about my boyfriend tells my secret, know why he is doing so. Usually men are too possessive about their partner. They try to share lesser information possible with their friends. Sit with him and talk to him, know his reasons like is there something bugging him about you like any habit, routine or even sexual life?

If he is over-sharing you without any valid reason then he might be in trouble but if there is a valid reason then make sure that you two clear the air before he goes public.

#2 Respect the differences:

To me, two people in relationship or falling in love are like two poles of a magnet. Just like north always attracts south may be, you two are only facing difference of personality among each other. May be your partner is an effusive public person, who are comfortable in their own skin and doesn’t feel the need to hide anything from the world.

Where as you might be more of a private person who feels exploited if shared by their partners with the outside world. Instead of fighting like two immature beings, respect the differences among you and them. This might be one of the reasons why you two attracted each other in the first place

#3 How to make him worried about losing you?

If your guy is sharing your intimate or private details with his buddies, give him a threat call or make him sweat dropping worried about losing you.

We being women give too much to our relationship, and as relationship precede our partner gets too comfortable and believe that the other half can never leave them in any circumstance.

Here are some things you can do plant a fear in him of losing you:

  • If he is not spending a lot of time with you, do the same with him
  • Do not tolerate his bad behavior
  • Stop sharing what you really feel about him
  • Encourage healthy change in him
  • Testify your value in his life
  • Prioritize everything but him for some days to see if he is really afraid of losing you.

#4 Be his best friend:

Take your man into confidence, and encourage him to share everything he is doubted about in this relationship. If you think about it, maybe he is not looking at you like a friend with whom he can share his insecurities.

May be if he comes up with stuff that is bothering him, offends you and as a result you two start quarrelling with each other. For keeping your relationship private, try to overcome his emotional vulnerabilities and most of all go easy on him.

#5 Know his friend circle:

Most girls have curiosity regarding what guys tell their friends about their girlfriends. It totally depends on the friend circle your partner is keeping.

Believe it or not, the type of friends your boyfriends hangs out with might be the reason of over exploitation of your relationship.

There are few perverts in the friend’s zone whom are desperate to know the entire intimate details of your relationship, make sure to eradicate those toxic people from his life. Open yourself about your feelings and tell your man how insecure you get when he share all the things that are to be kept between you two only.

If he truly cares for you, he will stop doing everything that is bugging you.

#6 Don’t be complicated:

Most girls have a common problem that is our boyfriend tells his friends about our fights. For this I would only like to suggest stop being complicated, believe me men never like complications either they try to run away from it or they try to solve it and when they can’t they go public.

One piece of advice is to not act logical either it is not necessary to be miss-know-it-all in every fight. Try to let go even if your men is acting irrational or foolish because all that matters is that you love him.

If you are one of those girls who scroll commonly asked question like “why my boyfriend’s tells his friends everything we do?” next time try to be less complicated with him.


Being in love is that exclusive feeling which is different for everyone. Your partner is your safe zone and if by any chance he is exploiting your private life with friends, it is time to stop him in every way possible.


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