How to handle your partner who is too insecure?


If you are in a relationship where your partner is overly jealous, constantly bombarded you with texts and calls, becomes moody all of a sudden and then make ridiculous accusations, be sure that your partner is insecure. I very well know that it is not easy to deal with insecurity in your relation. However, today I intend this article solely to those out there, who are passing through this phase.


First of all, let me make it clear to you that it is not at all like that you can never surpass this difficulty. Moreover, you do not have to sacrifice your relation until the things gets worse. So to all those, who have been facing insecurity issues in their life, there is still some hope out there for you. Try these tips, and you are very well be able to regain trust and happiness in your relation.

#1 Examine Your Behaviour

So the first thing that is most crucial and you have to do is that to take out some time and analyse yourself. Are you the factor who is contributing to his insecurities? Are you flirtatious in nature? Do you make him feel ignored or jealous?


Here is the golden tip for any relation, I know we all like our significant other to be possessive about us, however, and that does not mean that you have to do things which make him feel annoyed or cast accusations against you.


However, that does not say that you have to leave your friends to make your significant other feel secured.

#2 Reassurance:

When we are in a relationship, we hand over ourselves, our most hideous secrets in someone else hands. however, this thing makes us possesive about them. Although it is a general theory that women need constant reassurance that they are beautiful, they are smart and stuff like that, but here I want to make a correction. Exactly like girls sometimes men do need reassurance. Isn’t it sounds outlandish? Well, unusual but true.


Try to avoid commenting on other guys appearances when he is around you, give him compliments regarding his looks and dressing.

#3 Communicate:

One of the strongest relation is the one where the two people can talk on each and every topic without any hesitation. I know it can be irritating for you to have a boyfriend who becomes jealous too often, however, you have to keep calm. If he is upset about something to try to find that thing out, and the best way to do so is to communicate with him. Make him feel that he can tell you whatever he feels.

#4 Do not repeat behaviour:

Well, it is a random practice, we all fall for it. If our partner is feeling insecure, after some time we also start behaving like him. Questioning yourself self for the insecurities that your boyfriend or girlfriend is having is not a solution and is not a wise practice at all.


If you start pointing fingers at each other then, TRUST ME things start getting messy, and it may end up with a broken heart and a broken relationship.

#5 Introduce him to your friends:

One of the biggest reason why your man has insecurity is that you keep on telling him about your male friends whom he never met. I am not saying that you should leave your male friends, however, take care of one simple thing. Bring him out with you the next time you make a plan with your buddies.


As getting to know whom you are friends with may ease him out and also may soothe his insecurity.


At last, I just want to add that if your man starts physically abusing you then get out of that relationship immediately. Moreover, if you have tried all these solutions but he is still getting on your nerves because of his insecurities then it is time you should move on. Do tell me if you have an insecure boyfriend? Alternatively, did it work out at the end?

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