How long does it take to get over a divorce emotionally?

I think it is a first question that couples usually search for an answer after their divorce is”how long does it take to get over emotional effect of divorce?

In this article I will answer this common yet essential question.

So, According to my perspective, how long an individual take to get over from his/her grieve and sadness after a divorce depends on various elements.

And while answering this question, you have to keep all of the Psychological factors in mind.

When two individuals stay together for so long ,their bond becomes strong  e.g.  like planting two trees near to each other. With the passage of time these two grow, their roots become more entangled and intertwined.

However, when you try to separate the two, you have to watch how deeply the two individuals are intertwined.

According to Psychologists:  the longer the marriage, the harder will be the healing process. However, the time span of marriage is not the only deciding factor also the health of a relationship also contributes towards deciding the period of sadness. Likewise, your faithfulness towards your partner, your age your children and also socio-economic status are all important factors.


A lot of us fear to be sad. However, it is the reality of life that we get sad on our deprivation but how long we remain lamentable depends on us.

We can expand the period and make it harder for us or we can move on towards the better future in short time span.



One key point you have to keep in mind is that sadness has an Age of their own and TRUST ME ,

No magic can help you , only you can help yourself & break the barrier within your mind.

It’s a Battle of You VS You


All you need to do is to follow some of the methods given below:


  1. Talk about your Fear, Sadness and Grieve with your close ones.
  2. Do not attempt to act all the time substantially.
  3. Do not get upset about the fact that you “still” feel for your Ex.
  4. Do not hold it all in you, let your anger or irascibility come out.
  5. Seek to concentrate on things which are important for you like your children, your job, and career.
  6. Try to hop the “what if I do this, or do that” part of thought process as quickly as possible.
  7. Do not attempt to be a perfectionist, as humans do make mistakes and if you do it, then it is not crime worth death sentence.
  8. Try to retrieve your center, where you find ataraxis.

Acceptance is the relief. You have to attain this last stage of your aggrieve as soon as possible.

No, doubt divorce is a major appal in anyone’s life, especially when it strike as a surprise. However, life does not cease with the departure of one rather “important individual” from our life.

Life still goes on as it has to go on. So, it is all up to you, whether you want to get ensnare in your grieve or just make attempts to get over it.

As this sorrow, do not last for a lifetime, Your Pain will heal up eventually so, just try your best to speed-up the process,

Make Your Mind First & Promise to Never Look Back at any cost


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