How to overcome sleeping difficulties from natural ways?

Honestly, I am not a good sleeper. I am so much jealous of people who fall asleep anywhere.

I also know that I am not alone in this situation, as there are many individuals on this planet, who discover it difficult to get asleep without tossing and turning.


Undermine by our culture. However, sleep is a crucial phenomenon of life. It is during the sleep when the whole body repair, detoxify and regenerate itself.


Just try to mention your sleep problem and people will bombard you with loads of different advice. However, if you are a person like me, then you will go for a scientific reason behind that advice before following them blindly.


This piece will acquaint you some of the natural insomnia therapies with scientific proofs so that you do not risk the whole night of the shut-eye on them.





1. Light Therapy:


The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine in its study conducted in 2014, reveals that individual who exposed to white light more often get 46 minutes longer and healthier sleep every night, as compared to the one who was not exposed to daylight.


The fundamental concept behind the study was to indicate the importance of sunlight in our daily life. What the light does is, that it anchor the internal clocks.




So how to perform light therapy? All you need to do is, to dim the lights of the room about half an hour before going to bed. It will trigger the production of sleep-generating hormone namely melatonin in the body.





2. A Calming Routine:


Our mind keeps us awake whole night making plans and preparing for tomorrow. So we have to calm it down. Sound like the childhood routine of ours? Then trust me the same will work again.





Listen to tranquilizing tunes, take a hot shower, and sip a cup of green tea. Moreover, make it certain that your bedroom is quiet, dark, cool, comfortable and free of all electronic devices like TV.





3. Meditation:


“Anxiety and stress play a primary role in insomnia”


As already mentioned, we have to quiet this mental noise to get a better and fast sleep. The British psychological society in its research found out that a mindfulness meditation, which makes us aware of our emotions and thoughts in a positive, help us to reduce the job-related ruminating.




4. Aromatherapy:


Surprisingly this standard advice turns out true. The participants of the Wesleyan University study, show an increased slumber, especially for the lavender scent.




5. Herbal Supplements:


According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the best supplement to help in temporary sleep issue is melatonin. Moreover, a review of 19 various studies in 2013 reveals the facts that melatonin helps people to sleep faster, peacefully and for an extended period.



However, there are some other supplements available in nature, which contributes to solving sleep problem. These supplements include ancient herb Valerin root and L-theanine. With it sedating qualities Valerin is considered a useful product. However, L-theanine is present in green tea and is believe to slow the heart rate during stress.


6. Hypnosis:


A study conducted in 2014 on general sleep, reveals that women who were exposed to hypnotic treatment containing audiotape, cut back the awake time by 2/3 as compared to women who does not receive such therapy. You can download from various apps available, and try it at home.





7. Acupuncture:


Consulting a professional for acupuncture session may improve your Zs. According to the analysis of the University of Pittsburgh, only a five-week treatment of acupuncture may enhance the production of melatonin in the evening.




8. CognitiveTherapy:


Stress takes a toll on our sleep often. However, talking to a professional in this regard help you in finding your peaceful sleep. According to research published in 2012, Cognitive Behavior therapy, a treatment which includes an examination of the conduct of the people and identifies the habits and behavior which hinder the process of getting asleep early, and then changing that behavior with sleep-promoting behavior.




9. Melatonin Sources:


Apart from being taken it in the form of pill, there are many natural resources to enhance the level of melatonin in our body


Cherries: Cherries contains tryptophan, a chemical which transforms into serotonin and then later into melatonin. Thus cherries are the great source of melatonin.



Bananas:  Bananas are the source of tryptophan, magnesium, and potassium, which are known to be the muscle relaxers. Thus bananas will help you in achieving your peaceful sleep.



At last, just want to add that we ae making our life complicated all by ourselves, try to stress-free and happy with what you have.



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