How to make a guy laugh really hard

Dumbing is the goofiest mistake made by the women… They believe that their goofy jokes are more attractive to men. But this is wrong.

According to a recent research conduct on almost 12,000 people in more than 30 countries, “Men give more value to intelligence, rather than just making goofy jokes.

Why feel inferior level when you know your intelligence worth? Well if you have confidence in oneself then why to show Dumbo yourself?

Always try to impress a man with your qualities.  You always need to show your dominant side of personality rather than dumbing down.

Anyhow, there are 10 ways to make a guy laugh hard without showing your dumb side of nature.

10 ways to make a man laugh hard

There are millions of ways to you use to make a man laugh hard. It’s true that comedy is subjective, but you always need to remember that make him laugh at your jokes, not on you.

However, there are best 10 tips that can help you to have the most decent conversation with your crush or make a guy laugh really hard.

1#. Use Sarcasm

Using sarcasm method does not mean that you need to show yourself as dumbing down. In contrast, it displays your intelligence while challenging your guy to think at your level. This can be a win-win game for both of you. This will make a guy laugh really hard.

2#. Revere intelligence

In the jokes, there is always a victim. It could be anyone, your nun, the dog or the American prime minister. It doesn’t matter what the joke is all about; there` has to be such kind of subject that unknowingly becomes a victim.

Why not make below-par intelligence a victim of the joke you are going to crack next? This will give him the vibe that you have no intention of dumbing down yourself. Surely it will click him somewhere in his mind that you are comically arrogant. But if you play smartly you can figure out a way to baffle him from thinking like this. This will definitely make a guy laugh really hard.


3#. Find out what he likes

Just use your freaky brain to find out what kind of jokes him like or what not. Let’s take an example if he likes Star Trek Fan; you can crack jokes related to its which only Trekkie can understand. Although, this can be said for the comedians as well. If he likes funny quotes, there are millions of ways to relate your quotes to him without needing to show yourself dumb.

4#. Focus on your strengths

While trying to make a guy laugh hard, you need to focus on your strengths. Moreover, no problem if you are engaging him in a serious conversation or try to laugh at beavers, seriously it’s my opinion nothing can beat you in something you know well.

5#. Time your jokes

Keep your jokes enough time to let him focus on them. Don’t force your jokes on him to think over and over again on jokes. However, keep in mind if your jokes are putting a negative effect on him, you need to stop here. So It’s necessary to keep the track smooth and confident.

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