What to do with a man who is good but not romantic?


Finding the right men with all the right traits is one of the most difficult things in this world. Even, if everything goes smoother, things always ends up being way complicated if your partner is not romantically compatible with you.

If you are sick and worried yet can’t ask your man to change here is what to do with a man who is good but not romantic.

Read this article and you will have a good idea about the changes you and your partner require for being involved more romantically. Before deep analysis of this topic you need to know more about romantic attraction

What is romantic attraction?

It is an emotional response that most couple feels toward each other, Romantic attraction is mutual for both sexual and asexual people.


1. Change your dressing style:

This is the first and foremost thing that you can’t do to make him bit more involve into you sexually, We all know that men are visually oriented specie as in they love what they see.

Try to dress according to your man’s taste. Now, I am not asking you to give up your inner diva and fashionista but try to show him that he matters by wearing what he likes even if you don’t like it at first place.

2.     Have Realistic expectation

For those who are looking for the answer for “how to get my husband to be romantic” the simple method is to set some real expectation goal and don’t think of him becoming a romantic French men with in just one day.

See clearly for all his romantic gestures which he might not say but do out of love like filling your car with gasoline or throwing garbage even a good bye kiss might be one of the most romantic gesture from the side of your man.

Every man has a different sense of romance andit gets very difficult for those men who are very less expressive. Whatever he is putting as an effort in the relationship no matter how less it is try to appreciate it.

3.     Don’t be afraid to take the lead

Never be scared of taking the lead in a relationship. Some men like those women who are romantically opened with their man.

Plan a romantic dinner of two, write letters, call him during lunch time at office and you can even email  him any love quote or his favorite quote when he is at him office.


In short, do whatever your men love doing. It is one of the most vivid signs of attraction that the female partner takes the lead romantically in a relationship.

4.     Don’t be scared to point out likeness

Believe it or not you pointing out what you like or dislike can make the job of a non-romantic partner way easy. “Husband is not romantic or affectionate” if that is what you complain about than you have got to be more open about your needs with him.

Try to praise his small gestures with gratitude so little by little he is going to understand about your priorities more. Even if you two get intimate never be scared to show him what you enjoy and what you don’t.

5.     Understanding what romance is in actual

One of the most important things to realize is to understand what romance looks like. There are people who have spent their whole life in a no romance relationship, if you don’t want to be included in them then realize the true meaning of romance which is not roses, chocolates and candle-light dinner rather it is more like selfless love.

He is your strength, your companion and your best friend. If he is giving his full potential in terms of his loyalty to you and your family, than he is by every mean the most romantic man on this whole planet.

6.     Have positive intention of your time together

Try creating romantic atmosphere for your hubby via paying more attention. Do not let social media separate you via mobile, laptop, computer and even television.

Don’t let him watch the football at night, try to snuggle with him on couch and make him feel your existence all the time when he is alone.


What to do with a man who is good but not romantic? It is very hard to get into one loyal relationship that you were trying to find all your life.

What if you have found Mr. Right but he is not potent romantically? In this article I have mentioned some of the changes that can trigger his romanticism big time.

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