Why men don’t like strong, successful & career oriented women?

We are living in an age where the women are not only competing with men on equal levels but also surpassing them in certain fields.

The women of this century are smart, successful and career-oriented. We have more degrees than men; also we are approaching higher positions on the job.

However, here I just want to admit that, there is something which is just not right with our love life.


Usually, we shout out the slogan, after break up that it was our success and intelligence which our ex cannot handle. However, on a serious note until when we stop giving such lame excuses?


While I am writing this article, I have come across in my mind various friends of mine who are intelligent, and very successful in their careers, however, very much fail in their each past relation. So where is the problem?

Is it the male ego that cannot stand the fact the women could be more intelligent and successful than he is?

Or is it the fact that men want to be in control in a relation?


#1 Control issues:

First of all, let me make it clear that not all men are alike so we cannot generalize their thinking towards smart and successful women. However, there exist men who like to be a chauvinist similar to that of 1950’s, who want to control women while in a relation.


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However, it is not the fault of the men all the time. We have to check ourselves too. You must be wondering as for why I am saying this? Well, keep on reading this article, and you will know.


#2 Men needs partners, not colleagues:

Don’t you feel that we (women) became more and more career oriented, in control and dominating? Although most of the men appreciate it, however, no men ever want to go home in an argumentative environment. They want women who make them feel relaxed and loved on returning home after a day long.


Here I just want to add that we are human beings. We are not born to get into a competition to get successful in life but to console and love the opposite sex.


Men appreciated women with opinions and goals in life. However; they don’t want someone who always tries to force her opinions and choices on them.


#3 The problem in opening up:

Come on girls, where is our feminism? In a race of being successful and in control, we have put a mask on our faces.

We want to remain composed and controlled all the time. We don’t want to open up in front of anyone so, that we do not get hurt.

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#4 False proclamations:

Another biggest reason behind men not feeling attracted toward successful and smart women is the proclamation made by women that they do not need men. Well, not relying on someone is a good attribute in today’s world. However, the problem starts when the women make men feel that they are not needed in a relation. Whether you want them emotionally or financially, either way, you need them so why this hypocrisy?


At last, I just want to add that, being successful is not a bad thing. However, you have to be smart and feminine at the same time; you have to be controlled and sexy at the same time. I understand this is a bit tricky but come on girls we are women, and we can do it.

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