Why do men always recycle every romantic line to his all girlfriends?

Emily is a very dear friend of mine. She is in a relationship with a guy for about one year. They were getting along pretty well, until one day, when she came to me a bit upset.

On inquiring my dear friend as what has happened to her, she just burst into tears.


What she told me, motivates me to write down this article. Emily and her bae are moving in together, and while shifting the stuff, she came across some old journals of her boyfriend.

Out of curiosity she opens and read them all, They were all related to his ex-girlfriends .Here I want to add this that Emily is a sensible and mature girl and she takes this pile of memories very casually. However, what upsets her was that he use the same catchy phrases for every girl in his life as he uses to tell her.


Now Emily is in chaos as what to do about it?


Well, if you are in a related situation like Emily, then keep on reading this article. I will give you the same advice as I gave to Emily.


First of all, I just want to you to put yourself into his position.


Do you like it if your boyfriend read all your private stuff?


If the answer is no, then think of the prospect that you are not in love with a blank slate or a fresh piece.


Of-course , He has been in various relationships in the past, like everyone has a past,you should remember when you were in a relationship, you must have exchanged the same cheesy stuff as your boyfriend did. So, you should be OK with it.


Secondly, let’s talk about the recycled romantic stuff.

However, first let me make it very clear to you that I am not at all being biased.

What I am saying is not charged with emotions only but also contains logic.

So where were we?

OH yes, on the recycled romantic stuff. Well, you have to keep this in mind that you are his present.

Moreover, there are many other ways to find out if the man is serious about a relationship or not.

Question is why men use recycled romantic lines at first place:

Well, there could be various reasons for that.

One of the most common excuse that the men gave for the use of similar lines is that, how can they memorise phrases without “plagiarism.”

When you are in love with someone how you can express your love to them? By making them feel special? Well, that’s what such lines does.

It nothing at all related to the reliability of your boyfriend if he is showing other signs of being serious in a relation.


Do you watched the movie, “It’s Complicate?” then you must be aware of the concept of recycled love?

Well, as recycled love has the potential spark in it, similarly the recycled phrases also has the spark in them, which inevitably make a girl feel loved.

For guys it is a normal thing to use same phrases to express same emotions so, as far as your love is progressing towards marriage, you do not need to worry about stuff like that.


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