Why some men stalks women on the internet while being in a relationship?

Everyone knows that men are kind of nature who like to do flirt with girl hey wait! Girl or girls? I think girls.

We all know that they are so by nature but what about when some men stalk women on the internet while being in a relationship?

Have you ever thought about it?

Why they do so if they have their girl with them but still in search of something. Well, let’s find out the reason behind their nature or behavior.

Today I will tell you the highlighted reasons why some men do so.

Below are some of the reason why men stalk women on the internet while being in a relationship.


  1. Helpless by flirty nature:

The answer to the question about their stalking is just simple as it looks like. Yes, it is right that men are habitual of doing so. They always in search of girls just to have fun or you can say that they are helpless by their flirty nature.

A famous quote:

                               “A man is a bird of discovering”


So, I think the clear answer is in this quote for every girl.


  1. Curious about others:

Well if I say that men are more curious than women then it is not wrong. Social media has provided freedom to everyone to stalk others and search what is happening in their life. Men are more likely to do stalking then women. They are always curious about the girl’s personal life. You cannot handle their habit, but you can do precaution to protect your personal life by simply doing privacy measures especially when you are more social over the internet.


  1. Boredom:

Many times you have observed that your dream man is irritating and boring to you. However, do you every think why he is doing so? Why is he getting irritated and bored while he is in a relationship with you? Well, the answer is quite simple no one likes to be a pet of someone who only gets importance in front of friends and during the party. So you need to share some special moments with him and make him feel special. The best trick is to go on a date with him to renew the same feelings which you both had shared for the first time.



  1. Insecurity:

Have you ever thought of your men’s ex? It is obvious that no one can entirely forget his/her ex. This could be the reason of his stalking over the internet. I am not saying he is cheating on you. The reason behind his stalking can be insecurity about his ex that what she is doing nowadays and to whom she is with. Well, the thing is ignorable yet need your intention. You need to comfort him and feel him the same as he felt with her. I am not saying to be like her ex but try to be more loveable for him.

So these are the reasons of his stalking habit. You need to be more close him and show him that you both are perfect for each other.

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