Kill These Morning habits,these are the reasons of your weight gain?

Are you worried about your weight gain even you would not have any sweet or junk food for a long time? Are you facing weight gain problem for few months? Even you do exercise on a regular basis. Well, this is a case with most of the modern age people. They are unaware of the causes behind their fat and increasing weight, and thus it becomes harder and harder for them to lose weight.


If you are having the similar problem, then you must need to prevent some of the morning habits which can be the reason for your weight gain.


#1 Oversleeping can be a great trouble for you:


It is commonly said that lack of sleeping can cause many problems including weight gain, but thanks to levels of cortisol hormone in the body. However, contrary to this, getting too much sleep can even harm you. However, according to the study in PLOS One found that sleep more than the normal need can increase the risk of causing a high BMI comparison to those who got just 7 hours sleep rather than 10 hours. So, it is good for you to set your sleeping time for 7 to 9 hours just to get your original shape back.


#2 You Get Ready in the Darkness:


Many people are habitual of lying on the bed just closing eyes for several minutes and thus ready for the routine day without getting sunlight. In this way, such people miss getting advantages of weight loss from the sun.

According to study in Journal PLOS One that the individuals who get the sun in the early morning had remarkably lower BMI’s than those who didn’t get sunlight in the morning.


It is important to know that at least 20-30 minutes of sunlight is enough to affect BMI, even when its cloud cover. This is due to your body synchronizes your inner clock-including your calorie-burning metabolic process- by using the blue light coming from the sun as a guide.


#3 You Don’t Make Your Bed:


According to the survey of National Sleep Foundation that the people who make their bed were 19 percent more probably to report acquiring a sound sleep at night. Hence, in this way you can have a lower BMI with sound sleeping.

SO why you would not adopt this habit for weight loss?


It is better to make your bed before leaving your room this may hold over to keeping your calorie counting in check.


#4 You forget to scale your body weight:


Researchers have found that people who weighed themselves on a regular basis are more successful in getting weight loss than those who tracked their weight off and on. However, the correct time to do this is in the a.m.


Says Lisa Jones, “When the people weight is at its lowest.”


#5 You eat too little for breakfast:


It is important to eat breakfast every day. Nowadays people with busy life doesn’t give importance to the breakfast which results in weight gain. However, Researchers from Tel Aviv University found that those individuals who take low-calories of carbohydrates, protein and a little sweet in a range of 600 calories feel less hunger and desires than those who do not eat breakfast.

So, you should develop the habit of eating breakfast it will help you out in getting your original shape back. You should consider these things!

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