New Beginning, Here are Things to Avoid in a New Relationship?




Mariah is on cloud nine these days. She has found herself a new Boyfriend. Moreover, the chemistry between two of them sparks instantly.

Well, she is happy; her new partner is very much caring and loyal.

However, she is terrified somewhat. As Mariah, do not want to repeat the mistakes she had made during the early stages of her last relation.




If you are feeling the similar fear as of Mariah, then you do not need to worry. You must be pondering why I am saying all this?

Well, I want to share what I have learned from my mistakes so that you can make a better and long lasting relationship with the right person by avoiding them.


In this particular article, I will point out some of most common mistake that we made in the early stages of our relationships. So, just put your relation to a halt and read the content below to realize if you are doing any of them.

#1 Excessive Use of Social Media:


social media


Social media is now an important part of everyone’s life. However, here is something you need to keep in mind.

DO NOT; Just DO NOT stalks them over social media.

I know, I know it is really tempting to search for their EX’s, to tag them in every selfie you take. However, I would sincerely recommend you to avoid such practices when your relation is in a naïve stage.


#2 Stop Texting Emotion:


Well, I would not say that texting is dangerous or should be prohibited. However, texting is not made to share your feelings.




Of course, it is an excellent medium to exchange information or to stay in touch. if you are going to discuss something deeper than this you better do that on phone calls or during your face to face conversation.


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#3 Do Not Discuss the Deepest Stuff:




I know that you are in a relation and it is all about getting to know each other. However, avoid telling too much information regarding your past, family, and job.

I am not at all saying to stop discussing your life. However, there are boundaries that you need to remove slowly.


#4 Do Not Appear Desperate:


In the early stages of a relationship, you have to move slowly and patiently. Insecurity and being possessive is something that comes at a very much later stage of a relationship.

Please DO NOT text your new partner 2:00 am texts wonder why he or she did not reply earlier and stuff like that. TRUST ME it only envisages you as being desperate and somewhat crazy.


#5 Do Not Ignore Differences:




Having different opinions is OK. However, if you sense any difference in values between the two of you, never ignore that ring.


Well, I am not saying that you cut off from a person because he or she has the different opinion than you. However, when we talk about long term relation, we have to consider the difference in the fundamental core values.


 #6 Be Natural:




Be yourself. That is what I want to say. You do not have to be artificial regarding your look, your routine, and style statement.


Keep it in mind that you are going for a long term relation and if they do not like you for who you are then it is not going to work AT ALL.


#7  Getting into their Personal Space:


 Well, do not take me wrong but everybody has his or her space. They have friends, family, and plans with others.


So, do not try to impose yourself on their family or friends. I know this sound harsh but trust me it is my personal experience.


Let them make the first move.


Dear Readers, above mentions are some of the critical mistakes that I made and then learn from them a lot. Do apply them if your relation is new and see the difference.

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