Physically Abused By Husband? Here Is What You Should Do Right Now!

Abusive behavior of the husband was never the part of God`s plan for marriage. It is tough to explain the subject of emotional and physical abuse.

Physical abuse can be done in many forms. However, in severe cases, it is best to end your relationship to keep yourself secure and safe or otherwise take immediate action against your partner.


Following are the reliable measures, which you can take if your husband physically abuses you in your relation.



1.     Get immediate help

Many local resources provide service to the victims who are physically abused. If you have never get help from these resources, then it is the right time to get started.

Make sure to delete the phone log because your husband may be monitoring you.

  • If you reside in the US then call National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE).
  • In the UK you can call Women’s Aid 0808 2000 247
  • If you are an Australian, then call 1800 737 732.

2.     Never dismiss the abusive behavior

Abusers always blame the victim that offensive attitude is because of the victims fault. It is best to take immediate action on the physical violence for the first time.



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3.     End your relationship

If you are a victim of severe physical abuse, then consider a deal breaker for a relation. No matter how much property you share, how many kids you have or how long you have been together.

Start your planning and end your relation as soon as possible. You can get the best advice from your nearest friend or a legal lawyer.

4.     Contact legal authorities

To secure your physical security, it is best to speak with authorities and take legal action against your husband. Your bruises and wounds need no prove.

This is the best method to proceed legally and safely. This will ensure that the abuse must end now.

5.     Never offer a second chance

Once you break up with your husband, just never take your decision back. Don’t ever think to reconcile with a partner or giving him second chance to abuse you physically.

If you have suffered physical abuse, then make sure to never compromise or negotiate on anything.

6.     Spend time with loved ones for a Break

Once you have planned and ended up your relation, it is best to move on in your life. Try to spend your time with loved ones and engage yourself in hobbies or things that interest you.

Always stay safe and take action against the physical abuse. Do not be a victim.




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