Is it possible to stay as a friend with your ex and still move on?

Building a relationship takes all the energy and time of two people. As we know that falling in love is way easier than being in love. But once the differences begin emerging, the relationship starts drooping at the same time. Slowly you find yourself so detached from your men that even if you dig deep, there is no common ground between you two. After everything that has happened is it possible to stay as a friend with your ex and still move on? Keep on reading for knowing the truth

Can ex-lovers be friends?

In a relationship you have spent months even years and built so many beautiful memories to be cherished later. But due to misunderstanding the relationship which you fought for so long has come to an end.


Many people suggest the idea of you and your ex to be friends even after break up. But the key to be friends with them comes with limits and guidance. For this question I cannot answer directly as the scenario varies from individual to individual and also with the level of love.

Just like one size never fits all, it is not a great idea for everyone to remain friends with their exes. If feelings still persist in one corner of your heart for your ex, then being friends with them is not a very good idea.

How to be friends with an ex-boyfriend you still love?

Sometimes friendship is all you need to ease off the tension. Here is how you can be friends with your ex you still love:

  1. Even if you still have a soft corner for this guy, make sure that he has moved on from relationship anxiety
  2. Keep your intentions clean. Even If you fail doing it, try to clarify your mind time over time.
  3. Try to be happy with everything he wants in life because love is free of selfishness if you truly love him than it won’t bug you to see them moving on in life.
  4. Try to find his alter who is nothing but better than him in every way.

 The 10 rules of friendship with your ex:

The question still floats in the air: “can you be friends with your ex?” well, if you follow these 10 rules you can be friends with your ex- lover.

  1. Try not to be alone together
  2. Give yourself and him a plenty amount of time after breakup so that both of you can come to normal state of mind.
  3. According to most of the being friends with an ex quotes try to find a new partner with whom you can share your romance before going back to your ex as a friend.
  4. Set ground rules in the friendship: believe it or not this is super important, try to communicate with your ex that if either one of you started having feelings for each other you or him will quite the friendship immediately
  5. Avoid reminisce: reminiscing old time will only make it critical for you and for him too, so try to avoid the topic as much as you can. Try to live in the current moment and forget about the past as if it was not even there.
  6. Never try to flirt with your ex: try to act like buddies and think as if you have only met him as a friend and the rest is the history.
  7. Try to hide your newsfeed or activities from your ex over social media. It may sound silly but it gives right amount of distance to you and to him too. Also gives you and him a non-relationship vibe.
  8. Even if you stopped hooking up with him, try to care as a friend now and treat him like a good friends should be treated.
  9. If you have a fear of being friends with your ex and getting back together, then try to be picky which ex of yours whom worth your friendship. We being humans are not good at everything, may be your ex was good as a lover but totally sucks as a friend? So try to pick the right ex for friendship because if you and him kept on fighting then what is the point of all this?
  10. Try to keep your nose out of their new relationship as much as possible


Remember, if you still have feelings for the guy, being friends with an ex while in a relationship is the worst possible decision. If you and your ex were meant together, nothing could have detached you from him and now that you have someone else try to put all your love energy on this guy because the new guy might deserve some more loving.

You may take all the “should I be friends with my ex quiz” as you want, you will see the same result that says do not ruin your new life chasing the old one.


Is it possible to stay as a friend with your ex and still move on? While to answer this question you must see which page are you lying on, if you are thinking of being friends with an ex you still love while in a relationship, than you are only jeopardizing yourself and the new guy with wrong doings.

Something that has gone has gone do not dwell on the past. If you are free of the feelings for your ex and still desperately needs to befriend him, there are 10 ground rules that I have shared in this article.

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