What are the romantic ways to ask a girl out ?

It is the biggest problem that every boy face after the first interaction that how to ask a girl out. Well, it is quite easy and tough too because this needs guts.


However, I am not here to scare you. However, in this article, I am going to tell you the best romantic ways to ask a girl out.


Many times boys don’t know what to do with their first sight liking. It is quite obvious that nobody wants to look desperate to meet someone without knowing their feelings. But what about when you start liking that girl beyond boundaries? Now, this is the time to ask her out.


Many times you ask your dad and friends how they do it. Well, probably your friends are not the pro in this and might be your dad was cool but that was the time of 70’s. We are living in the 21st century where everything is bold and open now.


Luckily, I am here to reveal the sweetest hacks to ask a girl out in a sophisticated and flattering manner which will melt her heart.


Here are some of the sweetest and proven romantic ways to ask a girl out.


# 1. Tell Her You’re Taking Her To Lunch:


It is an amazing way to go to her while she is sitting with her friends in the cafeteria and tell her that “You’re taking her to lunch.”

She will not refuse you in front of her friends. However, when you reach out suddenly hold her hand and tell her today, we are going out. She will look surprised, and there is a  possibility that she can react strangely. She even would think that you must be joking and carefully hold your hand. Then slightly look into her eyes and ask her that you here to be your girlfriend. This is something which will shock her and will work for you.

#2. Just Ask For Her Number:

It is best to go straight forward with your feelings. If you like her and you never have a chat with her, then you need to ask for her number. The way to ask is to go to her and tell that we never have any chat before that. I want to chat with you can I have your number, please. This is the most appropriate way to ask her for the number, and she will not refuse you.



#3. Make Some Efforts For Her:

Every girl like when someone makes some efforts for her to feel her special. Some romantic efforts you can do for her is to give:



  1. Give her importance in public.
  2. Ask her all the time when she needs someone help.
  3. Make her feel secure while she is in trouble or feels uncomfortable.
  4. Try to get in touch with her.
  5. Respect her opinion in front of others.



These little efforts will work for you like magic, and she will feel that you are trying hard to win her heart. She will notice you and game will begin. You can easily ask her out.


#4. Give Her A Mission:

You need to go closer to her friends. A very simple hack is to convince one of her friends to take her outside and then give her a sweet mission. Send a child with red, yellow, and green balloons and audio tape in which you need to record:

“It is your mission and choice, however, If you choose to accept it and release green balloon then its mean you will accept my invitation to lunch.”

Tell the child to hand over her and play the tape. If she releases a green balloon, then it’s a green signal for you. Isn’t it romantic way to ask a pretty girl?


#5. Write a note for her:

This is the simplest, straightforward, and a lovable way to ask her out. If you feel that you can play well with your words, then you just need to write 4-5 different stripes on a piece of paper and ask someone to deliver her.

In these stripes reserve the last one and put a question and ask her:

             “Would you be my girlfriend?” 

And then ask your girl out. However, these are some of the coolest ways to ask someone politely and to avoid any harsh reply.

You can try all these ways for best results. I would recommend you express your feelings before it’s too late.






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