How to Save your Relationship that is Falling apart After having a Baby?

Just like every other thing in life, relationship needs time and attention. If you at any moment stop catering this aspect then for sure you will end up super unhappy in a 10/10 relationship.

If you want to know how to save your relationship that is falling apart?

Keep on scrolling down as I have a miraculous answer to this heartbreaking question.


How to save a relationship from ending after a baby?

Figuring out how to safe a relationship falling apart is like solving a detailed jigsaw puzzle. There are so many parts of puzzle pieces involved and you have no idea where the wrong piece has adjusted. So just like that jigsaw puzzle there is never only 1 reason that leads to tearing your relationship.


It is the series of resentments and disappointments that leads to unhappy relationship. So, do not worry like everything else relationships can be fixed.


The cure may take long but the results will be shown. If you want to glue your relationship back to how it was earlier then follow these rules which I am about to tell you.

Remember couples are created by God Almighty as he patched our soul to our other half when this universe was formed. If he/she is best for you he will stay, otherwise no matter what you will do, you will never be good enough for them.


#1 Try communicating with each other:

Remember how did you deal with circumstances when the last time you and your partner had disagreements? Or even had a fight?

We being human beings do not want to face any harsh realities of life. Right after a huge fight, we prefer slamming door and evening spent in silent rather than communicating what went wrong.

In order to save your relationship, try communicating with each other, sort it out and clean the air.



From millions of relationship falling apart quotes, only one has inspired me and helped me devoting myself to my spouse:


“Communication is the fuel that keeps the fire of your relationship burning. Without it, your relationship goes cold.”   William Paisley


So you can give your partner some space and wait till the issue gets solved by its own.


Adding up resentments with each fight will only lead to provoke an unmanageable fire that will burn your relationship out. So, mark it down the next time, you are feeling blue and frustrated do not brush it under the carpet, rather try communicating with your other half and sort things out.Try listening to their problems openly.

#2 Forgive each other:

If you want to know how to fix your relationship with your boyfriend? Than you must learn the act of forgiveness in a relationship.

It is our human nature to make mistake, no matter how perfect we consider our self we still make mistakes. If you want to win a relationship, you must learn to forgive your partner even in the hardest situations.


It takes almost all of the courage in your partners to confess what is making them feel worst and hurting them.

If you start judging them, it will trigger shutting up of personality physiologically in them. Once your partner gets this feeling, they will never communicate with you about their dark secrets rather they will opt for a friend to talk, Ultimately this will hurt your relationship with your partner.

The moment both of you start hiding your secret the moment your relationship start drifting apart. Your relationship starts to deteriorate

If you feel your partner has done something objectionable, instead of shouting or accusing, talk things out with your partner. Without cursing let your partner feel what you are feeling right at the moment.

If they don’t have something very terrible, Forgive & ignore after communicating softly about the problem

#3 Compatibility:

If you want to know how to fix a relationship that you have messed up. Compatibility is a crucial factor for fixing things up.

In a lot of cases people attract the total opposite nature partner. After spending some years of love and joy, there comes a time when people feel nothing in common with their partner. But if you think it through, those differences lead you closer together rather than drifting you apart.

Never forget in magnets North Pole attract the South Pole similarly in relationships, opposite nature people attracts us.

You must respect the likeness and dis-likeness of your partner, by doing this you will never have compatibility issues.


Compatibility is not about difference or mutual traits, it is about how great both of you are adjusted together as a couple in this relationship. Make a super conscious effort of understanding and most of all learning the differences you and your partner has with each other.


#4 Try compromising:

The key to a healthy relationship is to give in, as simple as that. It is surprising to see lack of compromise weakens even the strongest relationships.

With each passing years men and women are getting stubborn and bullheaded. They do not want to give in and want to rule a relationship their way or its high way.


If you are really into your partner try going all the way and compromise for their happiness because love is a selfless gesture.

Compromise is a mutual aspect in relationship, it has to be done by both sides. Try writing our relationship is falling apart letter to your partner, it may not sound a big deal to but trust me, if the main reason you and your partner to drift apart is lack of compromise then it will be sorted out within no time.

#5 Try growing together:

Relationship has a requirement to grow out constantly like each individual. When a relationship stay stills at a point you start loosing interest in it right away.


With time both of you and your partner start taking each other for granted and soon your relationship comes into grinding halt. So just like you can fix broken feather of a bird, but you cannot really heal it till you teach the bird how to fly. You have to heal a relationship from inside first.


Learn something new about your relationship each day and try gratifying each moment you spend with your partner. That’s what it is, at times most complicated knots need a right tug to loosen up.


Relationship are a fragile aspect of our life. If we do not spend time and put efforts it starts dying slowly.


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