How to show him your love in a long distance relationship?



Well, when we talk about relationships, we get an incredible feeling of being in love and nurture. However, no relationship is spare from hardships and hurdles.

Most of the time , Long-distance relationship begins to deteriorate due to misunderstandings and it’s really difficult to show love from long distance.

Talking about hardships? What would be the greatest of all?

Well, according to me it would be to be separate from each other for a long time.


Have you ever experience this? If yes, then you are no stranger to the pain and frustration it brings to a relation. However, you need not worry if your boyfriend or girlfriend is far away from you because of any reason.


Just keep this thing in mind that staying together no doubt increase intimacy levels but if you are in a long distance relation then it will either increase the connection that you both share or completely destroy your relationship.




Oh No, I am not foretelling you about expected break up or anything like that. Instead In this article, I intend to share a personal experience. How I manage to spend this time of staying apart in a long distance relationship with my significant other and how it bring strength to our relation.


“Small things make a huge difference.”


Keep on reading as I will tell you certain things that will show him your love.


#1 Selfies:

Yes, you heard right; A Selfie can save a relationship.




Send your boyfriend, photos of you while doing you routine chores. It will not only make him feel along your side but also ascertain him that he is always on your mind.


#2 Good morning texts:



Yeah I know, it sounds a little bit old, but I assure you it matters a lot.

Sending him good morning messages make him realise that he is the only one you thought about after waking up in the morning. And yes it makes him feel important.


#3 Remember to call him while with friends:

 I am not saying that you behave to be on the call with him all the time. However, whenever, you are partying, or with your friends, he needs to know what are you doing or are you alright or not?




These things are not an invasion of the privacy but care for you. So, do make a call to him or send him few texts, so that he does not feel ignored.


#4 Date night:


Take time out for your partner from work ,whenever possible once or twice a year.

Plan to watch a movie/show together at the same time or go to a restaurant & have a perfect candle light dinner.

He will surely admire your effort to stay with him.





#5 Surprise visit:


Who doesn’t like surprises?

Well, we all love them.

And we all want our significant other to surprise us in a beautiful and adorable ways possible.



  So do plan a surprise visit to your boyfriend. And witness yourself what difference this effort will make in your love life.


#6 Video chats:


Ahh yes, which sounds creepy to be on the Skype or face time all the time. But if you do that twice in a week then believe me it will allow the spark in your relation to keeping lifting.






In a long distance relation, after some time we are somewhat starting forgetting what it was to be together. Video chats are an excellent medium to stay in touch, to see each other faces and yes you can share your intimate moments together.


Remember that,


“Absence of something grows the heart fonder of it more.”


Although long distance relationships are painful and frustrating, you can follow the above mention instructions and spend this time o grow your relation.

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