Spring 2017 is here, these are some amazing things to do with family in London?

Spring is back, and if you are a Londoner, then you must know the importance of this season. As spring give us enough warmth so that we came out of our houses to enjoy life. If you are hitting London for the first time this season, and you are confused about your sightseeing and similar activities,

then here is the list of things you should add to your wish-list while you are here in London during spring 2017.


#1 The London Eye:

Perched on the edge of river Thames, the Coca-Cola London Eye invites you to have an unparalleled experience of watching a better view of the city. At almost 450 feet of height, you will witness Saint Paul Cathedral, Piccadilly and much more.Ticket of London eye cost around £ 31 per person

spring london
source: flickr by Charles D P miller

#2 City tour:

Choose this guided tour which will escort you to the major and important sights in London. The Big Bus London gives you the opportunity to choose the hop on and hop off options(25£-30£ per person). So you can enjoy a particular view as much as you want and then you can rejoin the tour again.


#3 Bike Tour: 

Want some fresh air in sunlight? Well, you can enjoy this on a guided bike tour. Eat tire tours offers a four-hour tour on bikes, in which you can enjoy various sites counting Trafalgar Square, the house of Parliament ,Richmond Park , The Hyde Park and Westminster Abbey.





#4 Pander your athletics Fandom:

Are you a football fan? Then this tour is a must in your sightseeing schedule. Pay a visit to the Wembley Stadium, a home to English National Team. Moreover, as the Premier League season is entering its second half, so football is the only thing on the mind of Londoners right now.

source: wikimedia.org


However, at this point, it is not possible for you to make it to the Stamford’s bridge for a game, but you can plan a tour to Wembley Stadium. In this particular tour, you will witness a glimpse of behind the scenes with a visit to the changing rooms, the players’ tunnel and press conference room.



#5 Cruise Ride:

Apart from the Big Bus City Tour, you can also watch the whole city, along with the famous Thames River. The cruise ride comes with an opportunity to view all the landmarks from a different perspective.

The picturesque beauty of Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and also under the tower bridge, will keep you mesmerising.

source: wikimedia.org

#6 Walking ventures:

Take a guided walking tour, and you will discover an entirely new side of the London and Londoners. The tour encompasses some of the most significant sights of Great Britain including, Mi6, Whovians and much more.


#7 Visit Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens:

Watch colours of spring in London’s largest royal park ‘The Hyde Park’ , you will see different colourful flowers in the park .

There is a serpentine lake as well you can enjoy a boat ride there.

A bike ride alongside lake is also a fun here in Hyde Park





Kensington Gardens is a beautiful place to see colourful flowers , every one should visit this place in spring for breathtaking sights.


#8 London coffee festival:

What is without whom we cannot imagine our mornings, our evening and even our offices? Well, the answer is caffeine. Londoners express their love for coffee by celebrating London coffee festival from 6 to 9th April at old Truman brewery.

However, the offering here is just not confined only to coffee, as they offer many other drinks including indie tea, gourmet grounds, and even the latte demonstrations.


source: wikimedia.org


#9 Saint George festival:

Celebrated every year on 22 of April, the festival of Saint George is the perfect end to the events of spring. This festival celebrated in commemoration of the patron saint of England, for offing the great dragon.

st george-english
source : wikimedia.org

The festival includes offerings of traditional British dishes, music, ancient games and related events. The entry in the festival is free so that you can have a joyful afternoon.



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