How to stay with your partner when you have realized that he is a wrong man?

I do not know at all where you are in your love life. However, if you are reading this blog, then you are not for sure very much thrilled with the state of affairs anymore. Moreover, if you are often found yourself commenting about your partner like “he is a jerk, but I cannot let him go,” then one thing is for sure. You are not satisfied in your relation. SIGH!


Staying in an unsatisfying relationship is one of the biggest indicators that you are staying with a wrong person.


Now, your partner could be a mistake in various ways like if he does not understand your feelings and emotions, if he is cheating on you or if he is insecure to the extent that is unbearable. As it is a general observation that almost everyone advocates that if you realised that you are living with a wrong person, then you should immediately leave him. However, the fact reveals that it is not what women choose in their relation. I have witnessed many women, who even after realising that the living with a wrong person tends to do so. You must be wondering, are they of sound mental health? Well, most of them totally are. However, you have to set certain rules and regulations if you are choosing to stay.


#1. Accept what happened:

When you are staying with your partner even after when you have realised that he is a wrong man then, you have to accept what has happened and then try to forget things. However, if you have given him a second chance, then chances are there that he repeat the said practice again.



Your forgetting and letting go things may make he feel that he can repeat his behaviour and then ask for your forgiveness. You surely have to make him realise that it is last time he had made a mistake and that the next time your partner won’t be spared if he found in such practices


#2. Make sure he clean up his mess:

If you face infidelity, then right now you must be in a state of shock. However, if you have decided to give your marriage a second chance then, first of all, make certain that your husband clean his mess, he has to abandon all the sites, practices, people and apps which are somewhat connected to his infidelity.


#3. Return to intimacy slowly and gradually:

When you find your man has been cheating on you, then most of the women desire to reconnect with their husband in a try to gain the lost security. However, my advice is that you should give such situation some time. Sometimes, intimacy left many unanswered questions that need to heal the wound.


#4. The rebuilding of trust:

I know that you are in a state where you are no longer able to trust your partner. However, you have to make things work in a direction to rebuild the broken trust. Just keep in mind that you have made a mistake and it takes some time and your personal disclosures to build the relation strong again.

If you have somewhat decided to stay with that person, out of some bounding, then try out these checkpoints before giving them your trust again.

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