How to stop being jealous when your partner brings up his past?

Every relationship begins when both the partners desire to move on from the old relationships and need a fresh start, Love from both the sides (from male and female) is very intensive at the beginning.

With the passage of time,slowly people from outside world start intruding your privacy with your partner.

You get extremely agitated when your partner’s ex show up or when they bring up the topic of their ex on rare occasions.

In this article I will show you How to stop being jealous when your partner brings up his past? and how to get over being jealous of his ex?

How to get over your boyfriend’s past relationships?

Why does boyfriend’s past relationship keep bothering me?For deeply understanding this topic you must be self-contented with the relationships that your boyfriend kept in the past.



Here are some of the ways to prevent you from obsessing about your boyfriend’s ex:


  1. Stop thinking about his past
  2. Don’t compare yourself with her, because if she worth it than you won’t be in his life.
  3. Don’t punish him because of his past with harsh behavior
  4. Enhance your personality and provide your man with something he can be proud of
  5. Update your relationship with him
  6. Learn to accept him as he is


How to accept the past of your partner?

Even if your partner was a hot mess in the past, it doesn’t make them an evil person and they might feel over the moon in love with you.

Before judging them look at your own past, honestly we are not angels and we do make mistakes, we had also faced rough spot over the past when it comes to relationship.


What happened has been gone and will never return so if you want a prosperous relationship, don’t hang to the past rather focus on the future and the present that you are going to share together.

If you are jealous of boyfriend’s past hook up, for a brief period of second think of the love that you have for him and how good of a person he is.


If he hadn’t have this messy past he might not be who he is today so actually try to be thankful of him for being the trouble.

Why do I get jealous of my girlfriend’s past?

First of all, everyone out there who feels an intense jealousy from the past of their girlfriend, you need to calm down.

I know the urge of men of being the best, biggest and most rocking one she ever had, you should be realizing one thing that women do not look through relationship like men.



A women needs to be emotionally protected and guarded in a relationship, if she feel insecure, within days she will surely end up the relationship.

The most important thing is that she is with you now and the rest is the history. Make her laugh; pamper her and most of all cling to her in blue times.

If she brings up the past, it doesn’t mean that she longs for the guy or has feelings for him it just that she might be thinking about her past mistakes or the wrong decision that she took in her life.

Women are always worrying, thinking and contemplating life on daily basis. She will think about the ex-relationship time to time and before getting defensive, you should learn to cope with the jealousy.

My boyfriend’s past makes me sick, how can I give him another chance?

If you are disgusted by the sexual encounters of your boyfriend or if he was a total moron back in the past, here is what you can do to forgive him.


The moment you met him, you feel yourself being connected to this guy due to some holy reason you are not aware of. Gradually, he became your friend, your mentor and the most admirable human being in your life,But one day his past sexual encounter comes in front of your eyes and within seconds you feel emotionally shattered.

There is no way you can give him another chance because of what he did in PAST. Instead of cursing your choices, realise for a second that he is the guy you felt for in the first place when you had no idea who he was.

If he hadn’t been who he was, all THIS might not be possible. He might have resented from his past and changed his personality once and for all.

Be super affectionate with him so that he never becomes who he was once,Forget what he did as long as he loves you without cheating on you.


If you are recklessly in love with your partner but can’t hide your jealousy when he talks about his past this article is definitely written for you.

In this article I have given some valuable lessons on the worth of your relationship and some tips on how to stop being jealous when your partner brings up his past.

Always remember that love is free of jealousy, whatever personality he had or no matter how beautiful or rich his ex may be all that matters now is that he is with you.

He might be your soul mate so instead of deteriorating your relationships because of petty jealousy try to nourish it with love, trust and respect.


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