How to stop your husband if he is cheating on you?

Husband is like a friend and a mentor to almost all members of the wife club.

We love our husband unconditionally, we cater all of their needs as much as possible.

But how worst does it feel to find him involved in with someone else? How you can stop your husband who is cheating on you?

The answer to this question is tricky but will help you big time. Keep reading!


#1 Make him Feel Respected & Appreciated:

Most women raise a question:” can a man stop cheating?”

yes he can but you have to change yourself first.

Men has a habit to be your hero or the one who leads, From ancient time men are dominant bodies.

If he is feeling adored by his wife and he is not the reason of disappointment for his wife, trust me he will never cheat. Every man have an innate need to feel appreciated and respected by their wife.


#2 Help him in emotional turmoil:                

Man tend to cheat more when they are suffering from emotional chaos.

It is very rare that they bring out their chaos in-front of you in a sober way, They have a tendency to run away from chaos by indulging themselves or running away.


Cheating becomes their utmost priority when they are feeling emotionally frustrated.

How to keep a man faithful? Try providing yourself physically and emotionally whenever he needs.

Men are usually rigid in expressing their down sides so if you truly love, conquer his insecurities and cure his emotional chaos subliminally without even letting him know.

#3 Never let him forget you exist:

Can a man change his cheating ways?

Yes of course he can, if you are not putting extra effort to be around him.


Man starts forgetting about you once you distant yourself from them.

Keep him on his track by arranging his favourite things and time by time messaging him about your unconditional love.With this way you will actually stop him to look towards other women while he is out with friends.

#4 Telling him about the consequences:

How to stop a cheating husband in his tracks?

Well the answer is simple.

Try telling him indirectly or directly with harsh tone that come what may you will not tolerate a cheating husband ever.

If you are giving your best than he should too, Tell him that he is basking too much in afterglow of your love and affection.

Believe me or not he will think twice next time he start cheating on you. After all men do like bossy women.

#5 Initiate Intimacy:

It is one of the most authentic tip from tips on how to keep a man happy in bed, Man do not like to start up intimacy with their partners all by their own.


Surprise him with the tricks he wants you to learn, Lower sexual attention among partners is the key reason of cheating in a relationship.

If you are not fulfilling his sexual desires, he might go for other women,Make him satisfied and appreciate him in bed and for sure, he will never turn toward another woman.

# 6 Surprise him:

Surprising a man is one of the ways to keep a man in love with you.

Who among us doesn’t like small surprises here and there?

Your man needs your time and attention it is as simple as that, Give him love and attention.

Book vacation resort, plan a date, visit with him his favourite places, steal some alone time with your men, give him things he always wanted to have.



Often men overlook themselves and their happiness. If you truly want him to stick with you try be extra affectionate with him

#7 Stop nagging:

Man are not that emotionally open as you are. Believe me your husband can only talk to you about his emotions openly and no one else in this world.


If you constantly degrade him he will definitely cheat, you should sooth his soul by embracing him in his difficult time.

According to Psychology, men turn toward those females who share common interest with them and who listens to them in time of need.

If another women can do it why can’t you?

Try learning what interests him,Listen to him and his worries occasionally so that he knows he has a shoulder to cry on.

Always remember clingy women makes their men cheaters.


Men get easily deviated toward the other women during their relationship. No matter how open minded we are, we cannot share our husbands with some other women.

Try to overcome your shortcomings and you will be amazed by the fact that he will never give up on you, no matter how hard the situation gets.


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