Lost my Love, Does time can really heal the pain i am going through?

Love is the most special feeling in this world,It brings us closer to those whom we admire and like.

We cannot see what love is but its energy flows into our body every second of the day.

Love might be a mystery but the agonizing feeling of its loss is even more baffling.

The question to really ask is does time really heals the pain of lost love. In this article you will learn whether ignoring, suppressing or distracting yourself from agony makes it less painful or never heal your wounds?

What is lost love?

Lost love means losing a person who was like your whole universe. Someone, who was everything to you when you lose them, you feel that your life has become empty and meaning less.

You feel hurt and neglected,You might have feelings for them for the rest of your life even if you cope up with the pain and move one.


How to cope with losing the love of your life?


Well, I don’t know about what you feel but I would rather kill myself than to get rejected by the person to whom my heart and soul belongs. Here are some of the ways that can enhance your coping mechanism for pain:


  • Don’t think of it as your loss rather theirs:

If somehow you are detached from the person who meant the world to you, do not let your moral down. Just like you the other person also have strings attached with you. Pity for their loss and feel bad for them. If they let go of you, then it is their mistake not yours. No matter what the case is, breaking a relation is never an option.

  • Don’t let yourself in the box:

Try to think with a bigger horizon, Healing process may be slow and at times heart wrenching but it is what it is, flow with it and most of all trust it.

Don’t run away from the feeling rather try to learn what life is offering.

  • Be optimistic for the good times:

For me past is like a ‘diary’ in which beautiful memories should be stored, I don’t understand why people remember their past with foul words.

If you truly loved someone to death, you might share zillions of memories with them that still make you smile. Long story short, try to remember the good times rather bad times.

Now, if you are wondering does time really heal the broken heart?

You must remember that once they are gone, they are gone forever so try to take baby steps and move on with your life.

You know the old saying: “Time stops for none”, time will keep moving on and your wounds will heal slowly with each passing day.

How to heal a broken heart and move on?

Once the storm has sat in, here is what you can do to heal your brutally wounded heart:

sad-forget-getover#1 Believe in yourself:

No one feels joy in breaking up. Once you have cried your eyes out, try to have a strong faith in yourself.

You can do it; these intense symptoms will slowly subside from your life.

Find the good aspects that is going on in your life. So, encourage yourself in thinking maturely and prevent your emotions from ruling you.


#2 Talk to a loved one:

Even if the pain is yours, there is always someone who can make you feel better, Talk to someone who has a soft spot for you in their heart, spit all the pain out.

Share with someone who is worthy of your trust like who can keep your secrets and will give you a shoulder to cry on.


#3 Believe in God:

Some may think this point is needless but to me God is the most important aspect in healing broken hearts.

When humans break heart and shatter your emotions into several tiny pieces, only God is there to heal you.

No matter to what religion you belong, share your worries with him, he loves you unconditionally and will never let you down and instead provide you with someone better than them.

#4 Learn your lesson:

What has gone is gone, Learn from your mistakes and most of all learn where you went wrong. Sometimes when a relationship ends, a new chapter begins in your life.

Learn to accept these changes and most of all have respect and an unconditional love for yourself because if you can’t do it others will keep on hurting you. Within no time you will learn how to get over a heartbreak


Loving someone with the core of your heart is one of the greatest feelings in the world. What if the person who was your universe breaks your heart and walk away from your life in the worst way possible? Does time really heal the pain of lost love? Yes, time heals even the most painful wounds slowly. Give time some time and gradually you will come out of your state of agony and learn to accept the painful changes in your life.

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