Why Married Couples Should Learn To Be Intimate with Each Other

Intimacy/Intimate is not just about sex. Intimacy is creating a special bond between you and your spouse. Married couples should work on making their relationship stronger as time goes by. Each one needs to belong and feel close to their spouse and intimacy is an exceptional ingredient in making that possible.

Intimate Via Communication:

Many couples drift apart when they forget to remind each other how much they love each another. Most of the married people become unhappy because they cannot express how they really feel or what they really think to their spouse. Many marriages fail because couples argue,  speak with anger and do not Intimate to each other when things go wrong.


Communication is the best way to start being intimate with your spouse. It is nice to have someone to talk to and share your life stories with as they happen. Your spouse should be someone you can open up to and talk to about anything and everything. You both should learn to solve your problems together and talk things through calmly.


Always speak kindly to your partner and learn to listen to each other too. This will bring you closer, and it will make your relationship stronger.

Physical Needs:

Sex is a vital part of your marriage. Never neglect your partner’s sexual needs, because this will make him or her feel frustrated and neglected. No matter how tired you are or not in the mood, you should try to give a little to make your partner happy. Think of it as a loving sacrifice that you will eventually enjoy.


Saying no to your lover may have just become a bad habit that can ruin your intimacy and love. Learn to say yes more often to one another and see how happier and less stressful married life can be.

Emotional Needs:

For some reason, some couples become less amorous to each other after a few years of marriage. They no longer do the sweet things they used to when they were still dating as if those moments have passed them by. You and your spouse have emotional needs too, and if these are not met, then many issues and problems will surely follow.


Always make your partner feel loved by feeding his or her emotional needs. Take time to cuddle with each other, hold hands or sit close to each other on the couch while the kids run around as you watch TV. Whisper sweet nothings to each other. Send sweet notes or texts to each other just like when you were still dating. Keep the love alive with little sweet deeds that will assure your spouse that he or she is still the only one for you.

Faith in the Relationship:

When there is no more intimacy in their marriage, both man and woman may lose faith in their relationship. They will see it as broken and unfixable after many years of feeling alone and deprived.


Nurturing your closeness to your spouse will assure you both that you are a team and can get through anything together. If your bond is strong, no matter what problems come your way, you will be able to talk things through and work together to solve any issue you face as a couple. Just like a tag-team, you rely on one another for strength and perseverance.

Faith on each other-intimate

Trust for one Another:

Lastly, when being intimate with each other is lost in a marriage, doubts begin to develop from within. Jealousy can grow as you begin to suspect that your partner may be more into someone else that he or she is no longer interested in getting close to you. And even if there is still love in your relationship, when there is no more trust, then all is lost.


Making an effort to be intimate with your spouse reminds him or her of your love and affection. Spend all the time you can with your partner and leave no room for doubt. And even when jealousy comes, if you have an intimate relationship, your relationship will still be as hard as a rock.


Remember, your spouse is your life partner and your better half. The two of you have become one through marriage, and you both should work hard to keep things together. And one way to do that is by staying intimate with each other as much as you can.



Author: Rachel Pace 

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