10 worst mistakes in a relationship that are disastrous (Men vs Ladies)

Finding that one perfect relationship that you have always dreamed of is very difficult. What if you found your dream guy or girl but because of a small stupid reason your whole relationship has turned into a complete disaster?

No matter how many stories lie behind the breakup of a good relationship, it tend to fall in few primary categories.

These are worst mistake in a relationship that are disaster (guys vs. Ladies). Keep scrolling down for more.

#1 You have no idea about your own value:

The type of men women prefer dating shows their mentality. Women tend to underestimate themselves and due to this low esteem they end up choosing wrong person. Your wounds are self-inflicted and you are hurt because of your decisions. It is one of the common relationship mistakes in women.

You cannot expect things to magically change in a night. Don’t give him authority to mistreat you in any way.  Do not be in the wrong relationship when the real love of your life is waiting out there for you. Improve your choices and you will never get heart broken


#2 You do not give her the lead:

Honestly this is one of the things guys do to ruin relationships. Man has an in built desire of leading. You always want to be on top of your game, you want to be grounded and centered.

Yes, women do find it hot and alluring but always remember this can turn women into sociopaths.

Women soon become insecure over your doings. The more you want to lead the more she finds you unattractive and it breaks your and hers connection.


#3 You neglect your feminine side:

Have you ever noticed that many successful women are single? The reason is women gets so absorbed in their success or there masculine side that they forget the worth of their men. After all if you can do it all, why need a man?

Women opt for achieving their dreams and be successful and slowly forget their value, they start compensating their personal life into their professional life. Stop doing it success never snatches away your relationships from you.

#4 Change of priorities:

It is considered as one of the relationship mistakes to avoid in guys. Do not take her for granted or overlook her, You have to balance work or other interest and love life.

The moment you start making her feel special the moment you will save your relationship.

#5 Trying to change him:

Independent women try to lead every time even in their relationships, at least this is what mistakes in a relationship quotes depict.

It is one of the biggest mistakes in relationship that can tear it apart with in no time.

Realise it the moment you fell for him that he is unchangeable, Man are created rigid by nature,It is one heck of a task for them to change.

Women often change or ruin themselves in order change their men. Do not insult his body, dressing style or table manner etc.

#6 Oblivious Nature of Men:

With the passage of time man become oblivious to their women’s feelings. You must know that feminine energy navigate the world through emotions. Women are pretty emotional.


Men have a habit to fix everything, you cannot fix a woman emotionally my dear you just have to acknowledge them, listen to them and show a full 100% support emotionally in time of need.



#7 Sharing the gift given by God:

Believe it or not men are made as a provider and protector by God. They have this need of providing their women everything in this world.

If you do not give them time & care they will get into severe depression.

Try presenting him your feminine side, Nurture and look after your men as much as you can this is how they feel needed.

#8 Weak Level of Trust :

Trust totally depend on the level of commitment both for women and men, It is one of the first relationship mistakes you do unknowingly.

when a man becomes unable to cope with women’s emotion show very weak level of commitment that breaks trust among each other, in other words he try to run away.

Men have an innate desire to be respected and trusted, If he want to settle with you he will secure these two aspect first. On the other hand men break trust by looking for other options too soon.

#9 Too soon to tie in a relationship:

Women are more of a dreamer. After one meeting they start planning the future with their partner which is so not the case with opposite gender in fact they have this gigantic fear of commitment.

Take things slow, steady and mysterious behavior will draw him towards you I can bet that.

Do not tie him in this sort of relationship let him turn to you slowly.

#10 Non gratification of each other:

In all of the making mistakes in relationship quotes, you will find the same complaint from women towards men. Men with the passage of time forget appreciating women.

Just like men wants a payoff of their hard work by the partner, their partner needs the same from them.

If she plans romantic evening or trips never call her off. After all what is all the point in working hard in your jobs, when you will end up sharing your victories by yourself!



Settling into that perfect relationship is the most difficult task. But do you really want to ruin that dreamy relationship because of your wrong doings? When a relationship is tearing apart both men and women are the reason.  These are worst mistake in a relationship that are disaster (guys vs. Ladies) Go through these and find out what went wrong in your one and only good relationship.

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